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The Chandler Limited EMI TG12345 MKIV EQ is a 100% handmade, fully-discrete, mono, single space module designed for 500 series rack units. The rich character of the TG12345 MKIV is silky smooth with the sweet Curve Bender sound. Chandler Limited is the only company in the world authorized to develop, manufacture and market the “Official Equipment” of EMI/Abbey Road Studios.

The TG12345 MKIV offers the same sonic characteristics as the TG Microphone Cassette and Flagship EQ, the TG12345 Curve Bender, now in a convenient single 500 series rack space. The lineage of the EQ is derived from the historic EMI TG12345 console, the signature sound of the Beatles Abbey Road and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

Shape any sound with its simple and intuitive controls which include presence and bass bands with continuous boost/cut and true bypass.

On the presence band, select between eight frequencies or bypass altogether with the OUT position. The first seven frequencies have a bell curve, and the eighth position is a high-frequency shelf set to 10 kHz.

The bass band is only available as a shelf, with two selectable frequencies of 90 Hz or 150 Hz. These are very musical frequencies that can either be used to clean up some muddiness in the low end or add some power and weight to any source in a mix.

Now you have the ability to create a full TG12345 channel strip in your 500 series rack with the addition of the TG Opto Compressor and TG2-500 preamp.

Chandler Limited and their associated logos are registered trademarks of Chandler Limited, Inc. Abbey Road Studios, EMI, TG, REDD and RS and their associated logos are trademarks of EMI (IP) Limited.

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