1 HP
240 mm deep
$610 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Clarity MicPre

DACS MicAmp 2 in 500 format

If a microphone amplifier adds anything more than clean gain to the audio, whatever that extra is, it becomes an integral part of the recorded signal. This addition is extremely difficult to remove. On the other hand, if anything is subtracted from the audio, it is irretrievably lost. No amount of post-production knob-twiddling can re-create the detail lost, or restore the dynamics flattened, by an inadequate microphone amplifier.

So the ideal microphone amplifier should be:
- as low noise as possible, at all gains
- grain-free and allow the transmission of a literally high-fidelity signal, faithful to both the frequency and dynamic ranges of the source.

To make this happen, MicAmp 500 uses the same unique amplifier topology as MicAmp 2, and DACS’ unremitting attention to detail in the design and manufacture, to create an exceptionally clear, detailed and ‘real’ output.


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