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? I sold it three years ago? Back then I had a smaller case, kinda miss it though. Why you ask?

It's actually 21HP! ;)

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Interesting setup you got there! 

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Well they all sit in 1U row so no they'll not move to a tile carrier, if modular grid allowed for 1U tiles be shown properly it'd great!

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I should add that I use the modular together with a laptop and some outboard gear like tape echos and delays

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These are currently in two different cases for now since I have a lot of Pulplogic/Erthenvar tiles that sadly won't fit in the bigger case, but then again I'll probably outgrow these too :/

Argh my eyes!! I can't focus on a single knob... I'd be lost in a second if I had this system in front of me!

and now I ordered an 1U and a 3U! 

I removed the draw for these modules as they're actually generating power not using it, got a bit confused when I suddenly had 5000mA more of +12V draw in my system when adding two of these ;)

yeah! very nice! AND a reversed one black with white waves!