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Mono Parallel Colour Processor with Smart EQ

The C572 PRO is a Mono Parallel Saturation Processor with three Colour Module slots, designed to process the sound with the use of Colour Modules adding subtle harmonics to the signal, similar to the harmonics added by the vintage studio equipment.

Each Saturation Colour Module stage has Drive/Trim circuit with 1:1 Ratio potentiometer. As a result, the colour module drive level increases while the output level remains the same.

Colour Module 1 and Colour Module 2 have the MIX knob which provides the Blend function between the DRY and the WET signal.

The Blending is linear and in the middle position, the DRY/WET signal ratio is 50/50.

The third Colour Slot has only the Drive/Trim knob. It is placed as a series stage in the signal path, after colour 1 and colour 2 which can be blended in parallel.

For more information please refer to the signal flow diagram.

Each Colour Module stage has the Bypass Switch which allows the easy A/B operation.


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