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Studio Grade Mic Preamp with EQ

The MPQ568C PRO is a Studio Grade, Low noise, Colour Microphone Preamplifier with Two Bands Shelf EQ and Dedicated Active Line Input for Tracking and Mastering purposes.

The MPQ568C PRO uses VERUM’70 Class A Discrete Input Preamplifier circuitry, which delivers noiseless High-Fidelity recordings and no-compromise THD performance.

The output is coupled with a custom HRK audio transformer driven from Class-A discrete, open feedback loop driver.

The Two Bands, easy-to-use, musical shelf BAX EQ is a powerful tool and will enhance any type of music material. Each band has two frequency settings, selected to provide the flexibility of use.

The EQ section is built with HRK DOPA252 CLASS-A Discrete Operational Amplifier which delivers smooth harmonics and low noise.

The Active Line Input stage handles easily the high-level input signals and it is designed specifically for Tracking and Mastering.

The MPQ568C PRO has two Colour Modules slots, which provides twice more tone-shaping possibilities, compared to other colour format preamps.

The semi-logarithmic Gain control allows to accurately set the recording level or to drive the Colour Modules.

The MPQ568C PRO is a perfect solution for recording and post-processing.


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