Midas Microphone Preamplifier 502

500 Series Microphone Preamp

The Midas 502 Microphone Preamplifier delivers exceptional Midas sonic quality and characteristics in a compact modular format. Equipped with an enhanced preamplifier design, the 502 features four discrete ulta-low-noise input transistors, providing you with versatile, transparent sound and ultra-low-noise performance. The 502 also boasts low and high-pass filters from Midas' revered XL4 mixers, providing exceptional sonic versatility. The Midas 502 Microphone Preamplifier also allows you to switch between a default electronically-balanced output with clean signal at all signal levels, and a transformer-balanced output that delivers vintage sound characteristics with gorgeous warmth. Twin precision 11-segment LED meters and high-accuracy rotary switch gain controls provide intuitive operation with visual feedback, whilst premium-grade components and rugged construction ensure incredible performance for years to come.


  • 174 mm deep

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