MP599 Microphone preamplifier

MP599 Microphone preamplifier for the '500' Lunchbox - Kit

The MP 5.99 is based on one SK99 discrete Op-Amp, one Lundahl input transformer and one Lundahl output transformer.

Because of the high performance, mu-metal core Lundahl transformers, the MP 5.99 features the warmth of the iron but it is also an extremely transparent mic pre that will capture all sound sources with extreme finesse.

The MP 5.99 is great on all transient rich sources like acoustic and percussive instruments. It will shine in close or distant miking applications.

Just install it in your API* compatible LunchboxTM rack and start recording.

SK99 low noise, wide bandwith Discrete Op-Amp (DOA) pinout compatible with the API* 2520
Lundahl transformers on input and output
66 dB of gain
Dual track gain potentiometer for precise gain setting, even in high gains
Variable output pad
DC servo eliminates linking capacitors.
Fet DI input, relay switched, the signal passes through the input transformer
Signal/Clip LED monitors signal with full wave rectifier
All low level signals switched by relays
Golden contacts on relays and switches
Nicely damped quality conductive plastic potentiometer
1% metal film resistors
High grade 105°C low ESR electrolytic capacitors
High grade double sided PCB with plated holes
Available assembled or as a full kit (everything included)
What's in the kit?
Absolutely everything!

Passive components (resistors, capacitors),
2 Lundahl transformers
Active components (diodes, transistors, LED, ...),
SK99 DOA kit,
Front panel elements (switches, potentiometers, knobs),
Connectors, relay,
Front panel and side panel,
All hardware
You bring the solder (use good quality solder, 1mm diameter max) and the Lunchbox.

Difficulty level
The MP599 kit is an easy build. The DOA is a little more difficult because of the components density.

Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

This Module is currently available.

$312 Price in €
1 HP PreAmp
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