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Submitted Modules

Strakal Brulu {Taol Evezh} HP DistortionFilter View
Electrodyne 501 1 HP PreAmp View
Electrodyne 511 1 HP Equalizer View
ADDAC701.REV2 8 HP LFOOscillator View
Kommander HP Controller View
Stereo Compress HP DynamicsEqualizer View
856 for ZELLERSASN HP LooperSampling View
Ring Stinger HP Ring Modulator View
Vocu Baby Power Plant type-b HP Power View
Sunny Day Delay HP ChorusDelay View
Moody Zeygot HP DistortionFilter View
VOCU VT-1600 HP Delay View
Stochastic Function Generator Expander 4 HP Expander View

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Exit Strategy (5), ADDAC501B Complex Random Expansion (5), ADDAC501 Complex Random (5), RES-4 (5), ADDAC802 Quintet Mixing Console (5), MATHS (5) and Electrodyne 501 (5)
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