Hi everyone,
My partner and I are going all in on music production, primarily techno. I plan to surprise her with a modular rack to expand our palette. I’ve decided on an Intellijel 7u 104hp case. Our aesthetic leans toward dark / heavy / hypnotic, influenced by acts like Luis Flores or SNTS.

Intended applications are:
Designing patches for kicks, basslines, leads, chopped vocals and FX to record into a DAW (Likely in tandem with Ableton Push)
Syncing with Traktor for live improvisation during DJ sets (important to avoid any off-case devices to keep it as portable as possible)
Jamming at home sans laptop
Possible future expansion with a second 7u 104hp case with the aim of playing full songs live

Notes on the setup here:
Already own the Octasource Black, and an Arturia Keystep Black
The two VCOs selected (TwinWave and z3000) to maximize diversity of voices, however any suggestions about a more versatile combination of VCOs is welcome
Mixer was chosen for panning capability, stereo channel for effects, and headphone unit (freeing up space on 1u). If another mixer can serve this purpose better, I would make room on the top for for a headphone jack
Pressure Points and Rene were selected for the expressiveness and automation potential; but because of the space they occupy, I am open to suggestions for anything that matches or exceeds these functions while taking less space
I sacrificed on having a quantizer, and a fancier filter; if any space is freed up, I might try to add those

If anyone notices potential technical issues, major overlaps in function that could free up some space, major pieces that seem missing, or just has any personal suggestions, any input is appreciated.


The case in your post isn't set up as a 7Ux104 case. Maybe your set-up has changed and the text portion of this message is outdated?