Hi all,

I am new to Eurorack, been around the forums for a while (thank you all for all the useful information) and playing with VCV rack and a Neutron for some time, and I feel that after some planning I have an idea of where I would like to go with my rack.

This rack would be accompanied with a Behringer Neutron and a BSP. Most of my pads / ambiences come from my DAW, and what I am really looking for is agressive/dissonant drum sounds, noise, metallic...

I have added a rings because i fell in love with its sound and its one of the modules that made me feel in love with this.

I have some space in this rack, but not sure what for. Thought about a stereo mixer (doepfer) or a mutes module (like divkids) but I am looking for some advice here. I would go straight into my soundcard that's why I thought of having a stereo mixer in the rack.
Do I need a different filter maybe? I would have the neutrons one, plus a low pass gate and this 2hp filt. I would like a random source too, but I guess that could be done either from the uO_C or the Disting.

Have a great weekend!

Hi doc11

I'm also not that long on the forum but let me help you with the knowledge I already have.

You will need an output module that brings your signal from synth level to line level I use the Bastl Ciao!

You will need a mixer to mix your signals together. HappyNerding offers some good mixer modules or since you are tight on space the 2hp mix you can use a couple to mix CV and audio signals.

I don't know all your modules and how they interact with each other I leave this to the experts but here you have some basics!

Good luck!