Good deal with @slocap for Mutables Links

I bought a Cwejman module from @marcelpagnol3 and it was a great experience all around.
-- dforman98

Hello :)
I sold couple of modules lately including you...I thought you bought an Orthogonal Devices ER-102?
Or Did I send you my Cwejman module by mystake? ;)

Great experience here as well! Enjoy your ER-102! :)

-- marcelpagnol3

Ha, you're right, it was the ER-102, I got the Cwejman elsewhere. I think maybe it's a sign my GAS is out of control. But thank you, the ER-102 is in perfect condition and is a joy already.

I bought a 2 hp version of the Poti expander from @jmason, he had to order parts to build it but maintained communication, keeping me updated on the status and then shipping the assembled product ASAP along with a cheat sheet in pdf format. It works great and I would definitely do business with him again.

During the past six months I've had good experiences with buying modules from @bark, @zannielzynga, @hadj, @bj_gzp and @AmbrexMeer. Thanks all!

i had excellent transactions with @razzkazz shipped from Spain and @Nod Flenders from Canada, all smooth ad good chat about modular stuff thnx guys!

Recently bought 2 DIY MI modules from @igorsv, the miniClouds and the Peaks, and it was an excellent transaction!
Quick to answer, good packaging and fast shipping, great build quality. Recommended!

Good trade for an Eloquencer from @theartstrip , quick delivery , good packaging . Good seller !

I bought a Fluctuation Magnétiques from @pibou, sent right away, very well protected, good condition. Good seller.

bought a simple but efficient DTM from @Plexusgel : sent it on time , strong box , and nice guy (thanks for new washers )
Recommended !

bought a z-dsp from @aphel and it was as smooth a purchase as one could hope for... highly reccomend! Thanks @aphel :)

Bought MI Stages from @bark (nice handle btw).
Everything went smooth. Shipped as agreed. Good packaging.

thanks @fluffymuff for the really smooth transaction. perfect.

Got a Twin Waves from @teethgrinder . Mint condition, fast shipping and overall a no-nonsense deal. Thanks!

thanks to @alibu for Peak MI , well packed and mint condition, serious seller.

Hi! I had very nice deals with @JeanMichelDan, @Lamouette and @Groove_Addict. Thanks to them!

Recently purchased a Pittsburgh Primary Oscillator from @Tomah. Well packed and as new, thanks!

Bought an Edges from @alibu, and everything was fantastic. Great packaging, great condition, fantastic communication, the works!

If you should ever consider to buy something from Pierpaolo aka @RTFM, don 't hesitate.
I recently bought a Korb DVCA from him (this is a DIY module which was built by himself), and will di it again any time soon.
Neatly built, very friendly communication, prompt delivery - what can you ask more?!

Perfect deal with @Virgil, selling his own gorgeous µo_c build. Thanks!

A bit late, but had a good transaction last year with @NU.

Got to say the praise for @RTFM. Had several NLC modules built from him. Excellent build quality, several build options to choose from, even better customer support, both pre and post purchase. Close comms, speedy delivery (usually with a little extra in the box) and flawless quality make me come back for more. Thank you :-))

Thanks @uebl, very kind during the transaction and shipping was super fast! Recommended! :)

@Lucapiombo92 and @dunk are both very pleasant buyers. Thanks!

@Armstrongbe for a really easy and quick transaction.
bought a lifeforms sv-1

@nosp for Erica Synths Black PFL expander.
@ucture for Befaco MIDI thing.
All good!

I bought a module from @elstongunnn, and everything went smooth :)

I have bought modules from @aze_007 and @mexicane, both excellent EU traders! Thanks a lot!

Edit: also @smartbits , thank you for the fast shipment! Awesome.

Shout out to @STB86 for making my purchase of an ATC and a PEG super-smooth and hassle-free. Great communication and both modules well packed before being shipped swiftly. Nice action, I thank you, sir! (and, dang, these units are both FANTASTIC!)

And also a shout out to @Slocap for getting this Cs-L away to me very quickly indeed. Lovely stuff and, oh boy, does it sound magnificent! Thanks!

Bought a module from @Bohler. All went as planned. Thanks!

@Schroeder a pleasure to deal with, fast shipping well packaged, no complaints! Thank you!

a fine experience with @gesta for a VCA Quad

I bought a module from @PianoReeves. Great transaction, fast shipping and excellent packaging. Recommended !!

...made a good deal with @acid303halunque - thanks!