Start a fire then be the one to discuss fire safety... got it.

What you have done... intentionally or inadvertently is troll this thread. ALL of your posts have been in this thread and they are critical of everyone. Let me slow clap that for you.

Then you mock others who actually help people. You are acting as a troll even if you think you have some sort of moral high-ground. As it's just you complaining and justifying your insults against some hyperbolic straw-men you make everyone out to be.

The bottom line is that you have contributed nothing. Your bag is empty. This is all that you have. When you do post something constructive, I'd be really happy to see it. But so far you haven't. What IS your level of knowledge regarding modular? You seem to be the master of forum etiquette and will to put the hammer down on anyone who doesn't live up to your standards. But as far as substance. You have none.

I'm going to drop this conversation right here. There's nothing much more to discuss. You don't have the goods. You've been judged and found wanting.

What I just did was mimicked the way in which you’ve repeatedly responded to my posts. Before that, I’ve made every effort to be clear and polite regarding my reasons for posting, which again (again) have nothing to do with desiring a “safe-space”, or with politically correct issues, or with trying to criticize or attack anyone personally. I did write the following quite a while back:

Look: I hope it goes without saying that I’m not trying to start anything, or to insult anyone personally. We both agree that modular synths are wonderful instruments, and I agree that many people likely don’t do the necessary research required to get into this – that they post racks with serious flaws and that they benefit greatly from the advice of you, Lugia, and others…

I’ve not been trolling, and while I haven’t responded directly to proposed racks, I think it’s possible there are additional ways to offer help.

Might it be possible for us to maturely discuss some of the points I’ve brought up – to respond to them without resorting to tissue-talk, or framing things inaccurately (PC/safe-space talk), or going on about “let’s see if I can do better” as though this were a contest, etc..? I truly think doing so could be helpful.

Also please note: It was the first post for the user that began this thread. Their second and final post was: “damn, I was just looking for recommendations lol”. Despite a very straightforward, likely easily answerable question, they clearly didn't feel helped by the suggestions you and Lugia offered (and no, I’m not personally criticizing either of you).

Wow, helping others… what a novel idea. Do you need a tissue, Ronin? Have you downloaded VCV rack? There, I think I've got you matched. As for Lugia, making popcorn seems more apt to help than any of the advice of theirs I’ve quoted.
:) :)

-- Hazel

And there we have it. What have YOU done to participate in the community? You've criticized and been critical of others. But when all of the inflammatory posting is done. You have nothing. Yes. I recommend VCV Rack to people starting out. So do a lot of other regulars. It's free and really helps people get their heads around the modular architecture. You should download it if you haven't already. It'll really help you.

You're dismissive of Lugia's advice. I've found it invaluable and so have many other PARTICIPANTS in these forums. There's decades of experience in his posts if you care to read the forums and learn something.

I'm not sure why you're hell bent on attacking people. But if that's all you have to bring to the table, then it's all you have. If you do have some usable advice, I'm happy to take it.

I'm currently at a crossroad in my set-up. I want a Westlicht Performer but will probably have to commission it to be built. But on the other hand I have an FH2 and thinking of expanding with another 8 outputs. But I'm really not keen being dependent on my PC and would like to venture into some live playing. If I go live, I may want to go with a Shakmat Clock o' Pawn as my clock source. Would you recommend the Shakmat?


Wow, helping others… what a novel idea. Do you need a tissue, Ronin? Have you downloaded VCV rack? There, I think I've got you matched. As for Lugia, making popcorn seems more apt to help than any of the advice of theirs I’ve quoted.
:) :)

Things I don't see:

CV sequencer
Stand-alone VCAs
Effects: reverb, delay, distortion, wavefolding, etc.

The Koma has VCAs, but they are a part of your mixer. You may want to modulate or attenuate a signal earlier in the chain.
Filters... I didn't see much in traditional oscillators.
CV sequencer. You have Yarns to connect via MIDI. But that looks like your only source for sequenced CV. The Circadian only handles triggers/gates.

Perhaps in your strategy you don't need any of the above as there aren't any traditional VCOs etc. Everything seems to be digital. So for the sake of argument, why this rack when a stand-alone digital box might give you all if not most of this functionality... like something in the Elektron family.

But that's what I have with nothing more than a picture of the rack to go on.

You don't like when people are curt and when people don't baby you. Got it. Find somewhere else to troll. I looked up all of your posts here. Tyson has ONE post that Lugia and I were gracious enough to help out with. Hazel has done nothing but troll.

As far as the two of you HELPING anyone... nothing... not a single post. Isn't that amazing? You love to criticize others but have done NOTHING to help anyone else. The majority of BOTH of your posts are just criticizing other members.

Now I get it... both of you seem rather intelligent and have a lot to socially opine about. But you contribute NOTHING. In your quest to turn this forum into a "safe-space" all you've managed to do is piss off the people who are actually helping people through their first steps into modular.

I have a really novel idea... how about the two of you show us by example. You can reply to other peoples' posts and show us exactly how a reply should be crafted with some sage advice on what's right or wrong with a rack. Once each of you has at least 20 of these posts HELPING other people, come back and critique others.

Until then, you are the epitomy of trolls. Just take a look at your posting history and try to argue against it. I'll make some popcorn.

Thanks to @phinland for Ladik J120 comparator! Highly recommended.

A module that you send a clock trigger to once and it spits out a bunch of gates in a pre-determined sequence.
This is me assuming that most sequencer modules will advance 1-step for every clock trigger and not act like a 1-shot sample or triggering off a full sequence of say 16 steps.

Am a talking about a Burst Module?

Cheers for any pointers.

Hi Andrea,

Oh that's great news that the Moog Grandmother is 100% Eurorack compatible... didn't expect that.

Regarding mixers with panning options, I am using the Doepfer A-138p and A-138o combination and I am really happy with this mixer. The beauty of that is that you can expend it with another A-138p once you need more channels. Only space (and money) is an issue then :-)

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Fausto Castillo,

Well I have checked the website and it tells me it's a filter and a VCA thus a VCFA. Shouldn't be too difficult to find any use for that, isn't it? If you are lack on a VCF then use it as a VCF and if you need more VCAs then use it as a VCA. Nicer would be of course to start using it, where it's made for... combine the VCA with the filter possibilities!

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Hi Fastus,

Nice demo sound!

Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

So, I’ve got one new thinking i could use it to modulate my sound and sadly I haven’t found any use to it, any advice?

I’ve been testing for a couple of days and can no longer reproduce, so it seems resolved. THANK YOU!!!

That's good to hear!

Maybe I should have noticed that every time I was getting to the “d” in “Clouds” something happened, but I never used the keyboard shortcuts anyway.

Nobody uses the shortcuts, except me. That's a shame, because the , and . are quite nice.

I’ve been testing for a couple of days and can no longer reproduce, so it seems resolved. THANK YOU!!!

Maybe I should have noticed that every time I was getting to the “d” in “Clouds” something happened, but I never used the keyboard shortcuts anyway.

Thanks to buyer: @ldwgbrgr
Friendly, very fast response and payment, would do business again :)

Thanks to @nosp for the Tallin, I love this module. Fast delivery and a cool seller :)

First look at this extraordinary oscillator


I reread Hazel's and my posts to see if I might be crazy, and if we were indeed doing all these terrible things you accused us of, including metaphorical book burning. I'd like to think that I would recognize the Fahrenheit 451 impulse in myself if it emerged. But that's just not even close to what happened here. Hazel criticized a particular comment you made which I happened to agree was unnecessarily discouraging. Neither of us were trying to move things "into some narrower lane" of discussion. When you start by telling someone to "quit immediately," the discussion doesn't need more narrowing.

Instead of acknowledging the obvious, that alienating new or potential members of MG is not a good thing, there's mostly been lashing out and doubling down. Indeed, the only person on this thread who has apologized (twice) is Hazel. Now we've reached the reductio ad absurdum of refusing to give an inch, which is that criticism of you equals "policing." By that logic, any criticism you don't agree with, or which isn't presented deferentially enough, is attempted censorship and an existential threat. You conveniently cast yourself as a champion of free speech and those who disagree with you as villains. It's self-serving. It's false. Even if Hazel and I did match these caricatures you've drawn of us, do you actually believe we would have any chance of succeeding in our scheme to stifle free expression? If so, that's giving me way more power than I have or want, and others less credit than they deserve. This community may be small, but most of its members cannot possibly be that brittle.

Unfortunatley I have already purchased the case since i found it at a super cheap price but i don't think this is a problem since I can sell it or just add a bigger one (bye bye money lol).

1) Oh that's simple: both modules can output triggers which I will struggle to use but i chosed them because they also have other super usefull functions: the Mutan Brain can output up to 4 V/oct channels for polyphony and up to 12 triggers / gates (for sure I'll use two or three triggers in order to output the clock and clock divided triggers) and the Pamela's has its clockd lfos, random modulation and envelopes. If you have other modules to suggest just tell me so i can check them all.

2) I can sacrifice the Magneto in order to add another classic lfo but the problem is that just one dsp module (Monsoon) is not enough to create dreamy and ambient backgrounds. Maybe at this point the right move is to remove the Marbles instead of the Magneto since it is another modules which outputs triggers. But if i do that i lose a random source of modulation .

3) I don't have any type of mixer right now. I also think that a pannable mixer may be better. Any suggestion? I was checking out this one: it is really costy but it has a lot of nice features like the two 1/4 inch jack out + headphones in.

4) I'm gonna stick with just the blinds for now.

By the way the Moog Grandmother is 100% eurorack compatible

Have you been using this rig? I am most curious about your use of the KOMA Poltergeist? I would be interested in hearing what you have come up with.

It’s worth pointing out, Lugia and Ronin, that nothing I’ve expressed has anything whatsoever to do with political correctness.

Everything that I’ve written, both referencing this thread and with quotes from others, I did for one purpose: To question the extent to which certain advice being given on this forum actually helped the user construct a rack that they were satisfied with – something that you both continue to claim is your ultimate aim.

Please look back at this thread, Lugia. Before my first post you were the most active contributor. Point out one single bit of advice you offered that actually helped the OP design a rack that they could “enjoy and build upon for years to come”. It seems obvious that you saw an opportunity to make a point – one that you care about – but that had nothing to do with helping the OP. I quoted advice that you gave in other threads to point out that lack of help, or bad advice, is not something that seems to happen only occasionally.

For sake of clarity: I don’t particularly care about political correctness (not that it’s relevant). I believe that harsh criticism can be helpful and necessary, which is in fact, why some of my criticism has been harsh. Most importantly, it seems reasonable to me that someone should be able to highlight a lack of help, or question certain advice on this forum, and do so without being called a “passive-aggressive troll”, having their post quoted but replaced with “blah, blah, blah”, and told to “shut the (expletive) up” (I see that’s been deleted now). At the risk of being painfully clear, I couldn’t care less about the language or name calling. Rather, Ronin, I don’t think you can write that’s it’s “fine” to point out errors/disagree with suggestions, and then when someone does, write the above without contradiction.

I doubt anyone is getting much out of this thread, so in answer to your question, Ronin, I am indeed done.

Hi ModularFreq,

Thanks a lot, interesting!

Kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Diego,

Yes that's the real and perhaps only con of Waldorf modules, they are huge. On the other hand that makes those modules very nice and comfortable to use. Things like cables blocking you and not being able to reach the knobs, which can be a common issue with some smaller modules, is an almost non-existing issue with the Waldorf stuff. The Waldorfs aren't modules you just install and start playing. You have to sit for it. Read the manual, understand how to use it, taking your time for it, and then I realise the Waldorf shows you the beautiful side of enjoying their modules. I really like them but I have to agree since I got now 4 Waldorf modules, one row is pretty much full with Waldorf stuff, there goes about one seventh of the entire HP capacity :-(

Yes, you shouldn't hurry things, if you need more time and more space, then that sounds like a good decision.

Thanks a lot for your advice on the A4, I will have a look into using it for drums too. And yes indeed, the A4 is a very enjoyable device :-)

Since I was hesitating between the Tòna and the Ts-L, I think I go for the Tòna, that one is a bit more spacious and has less issues with the small knobs as you mentioned. Thanks for sharing that info.

I wish you good luck with getting your studio up and running again and stay in touch, kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Babel,

I can't help you much there only that my HiPass has no problems. So yes, perhaps you either use too much power and/or next or close to your HiPass module is another module that's interfering your signal perhaps?

Good luck with the troubleshooting and kind regards, Garfield.

Hi Andrea,

Welcome to modular synthesizers :-) Did you bought already the rack or not yet? If not yet, I would recommend to go for a bigger case, for example the Intellijel 7U case (2 x 104 HP) or the Doepfer A-100LC9 (3 x 84 HP) as an absolute minimum. So you have some space for extension and you don't have to buy straight away yet another rack (which might come soon enough anyway).

1) Ha, ha, sorry that I have to laugh a little bit here, if you don't really know what to do with it, why you need it then? :-) Perhaps look into this matter a bit more before you decide on it? It's totally okay to start with a half full rack (or even less). Build up experience and then decide if you need a certain module or not.

Or start with one or two of them, if you are happy with it then consider the others you mentioned. Up to you of course but I would take it easy, especially since you notice yourself it might be a bit too much and keep in mind that you planned here a rather small rack so space is (extremely) valuable here to use it as good and as efficient as possible.

2) I feel this is a difficult question to answer. On one hand because I feel one should consider for herself/himself if something is enough or too much on the other hand because... can you ever have enough modulation? :-) The same question goes for oscillators, filters, VCAs, envelopes and LFOs, you usually have too less of them rather than too many of them. Talking about modulation, how about one or two more classical/standard LFOs? I see you planned the Batumi that I guess is certainly not too bad and yes it's a quad LFO, but perhaps a second separate LFO?

Personally, for this rather small setup, I feel the Magneto is perhaps not necessarily? Yes it's a nice to have module but A) it's expensive and B) it consumes a lot of space that you might want to consider to use for other modules.

3) Do you have an external mixer with panning? If yes, you might want to decide for yourself that you don't need panning on your Eurorack mixer. Personally I still would go for a mixer with panning (even if I have externally a mixer with panning too), but as mentioned that's personally, you might think differently about that. That's the nice thing with Eurorack, it's all about flexibility and possibilities but there are no rules that says you must have or you must not have panning. It's at the end totally up to you to decide :-) I feel that's one of the beauties of Eurorack, that kind of freedom to decide for yourself what you are going to do. Which doesn't mean you shouldn't ask here around in the forum for advice though.

4) Ask yourself if a "plain" VCA (that quad VCA for example) is good enough for you or do you really need (straight from the beginning) a polariser? Personally I would start with rather the "normal" VCA first and then later, when build up some experience with Eurorack, decide if you would need a polariser? So if you would want to save some space you might want to let go one of the modules first. On the other hand Blinds has VCA functionality as well, so as long as you don't use the polariser functionality of it, it can be used as a "simple" VCA too. So perhaps start with just the Blinds and then for later consider an additional VCA? Hey this is Eurorack, everything is possible but at the end it's up to you :-)

5) Usually with smaller racks you might not even need a multiple at all. After that (when the small racks becomes bigger or completely filled up) a passive multiple might be for most cases good enough. Only if you know already that straight from the beginning you going to split certain signals into many the same, and that especially for CVs/triggers, then perhaps you could directly start with an active multiple. If you just want to have a multiple for the sake of putting your mind at rest that in case you need one, you got one (that was my approach ;-) ) then go for the passive one. If you then after a while realise you splitting the signal too much then you still can consider an active one. They don't cost the world, money-wise as well as space-wise.

At first sight my above "answers" might not completely been the answers you are looking for. What I however try to accomplish with my replies is that you start thinking about those matters and try to figure out a bit more about those matters and after that you might be able to answer yourself those questions.

You asked what our thoughts about your planned rack is... well to summarise, two things: I feel the biggest issue is that the rack is too small (see already my first comment before point 1). Second... without wanting to remove your enthusiasm here... perhaps you focus a slightly bit less on fancy modules like for example that Magneto and a bit more on some classic/basic stuff?

Since you got already a Grandmother (I mean the device ;-) ) you got there already quite some functionality, so don't worry too much. There is no way that we can plan a Eurorack perfectly without making here and there a "mistake". As long as you are willing to learn from "mistakes" and update/extend your Eurorack accordingly to the gained experience, I think you should be fine and just enjoy the ride :-)

This Grandmother's of yours, I am not hundred percent sure if it's Eurorack compatible, I am afraid it isn't. Perhaps other members can help you there on some details of that. Worst case scenario is that you might need a converter module. So please have that checked.

Good luck, have fun with the planning and for later enjoy modular :-) Kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Now that's actually a pretty sharp design...sort of a sample-based cracklebox, really. I'd suggest one addition: drop a Konstant Labs PWR Checker into the open 1 hp slot. Having some power rail monitoring would be a useful thing in a "bug out" lunchbox designed for live use to make sure your power requirements are being properly met.

Well, I think I can phrase it just fine...

There's an awful lot of people who're sick and damn tired of this pathological NEED that some people on the Internet have to interject themselves into something when they feel they can "police" the conversation. This isn't a right-wing or a left-wing opinion,'s quite widespread. And don't go making political assumptions about the posters, either; you're quite apt to be incredibly wrong about those.

Much of the work that I and others have been doing on here to proctor new users into making sensible instrument choices, ones which will result in well-rounded systems that these new users will enjoy and build upon for years to come, was getting done JUST FINE before you and Hazel opted to come in here and shit-mist everything. You hear about how the whole PC stance "chills" open conversation? Well, this is a fine example of exactly that in action. Did you two bother to check to see how this would fly with the MG admins before opening up the stinkburger? I would surmise that the answer is "no".

If you don't like the way we discuss things, fine. But you can keep your psuedocultural policing impulses to yourselves, and go find some other books to burn elsewhere. Music is simply too important for PC clowns to use it as a doormat for espousing their personal greivances about other peoples' language usage, and MG itself is too important and broadbased a resource for you to try and resteer it into some narrower lane of communication and expression.

I had a good experience purchasing a Three Sisters from @Zucker.

alt text

I know replaced some modules with the ones from my a100 and it changed a bit but I kind of like that work flow at the moment, thanks again for the tips.

One quick question I have now the shakmat hipass and somehow I always get strange noises on it. Is it cause my whole rack takes to much power?

Having the sub modular case with the make noise board on it. Can someone help me out?

Here's a video of this unit in action. I have since changed the patch but most of the functionality remains as it was in this vid.

Everything was moving along nicely and someone got triggered and felt the need to social justice warrior all over the forum. Is there anyone else feeling sensitive who needs a tissue?
-- Ronin1973

Ronin, can you phrase any of that without using the laziest of cliches? The tough guy bit might work better if you use your own words. Then again, it might not.

Oh right. Just about to call credit card Fraud team, why the refund and not send the modules? Thanks for letting me know

Sent the guy £1300 for 2 Cwejman modules 2 weeks ago can't get hold of him. Gutted

-- Leescan

I just received return money transfer from him and an apology.

-- mkka

Sent the guy £1300 for 2 Cwejman modules 2 weeks ago can't get hold of him. Gutted

-- Leescan

I just received return money transfer from him and an apology.

Hey, there's a troublesome seller - @DeepSynth
I transferred him money for 4ms STS on Nov. 5, and few days later he stopped answering my messages.
He had on sale several modules, and still seems to have, although the list is getting shorter as if he is actually selling them. It looks legit.
The paypal account I sent the money to is
Tried to contact him, no success.
Be careful with this guy. It seems I got ripped off :/

-- mkka

Sent the guy £1300 for 2 Cwejman modules 2 weeks ago can't get hold of him. Gutted

Thanks for reporting, I want to fix the issues but have a difficult time to replicate them.
However I have an idea what's going wrong.
I assume you're experiencing the problems on the My Modular page?

The desktop version listens to keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts like backspace delete modules, d duplicates them and so on.
If the browser enters shortcut mode, the input fields are disabled, maybe this happens on your iOS device.

I have now disabled the whole shortcut routine for touchdevices, it makes no sense there anyway.
I have already deployed what's hopefully is a fix. Check back if it improves the behaviour or not.

thanks @phinland for the beautiful shipment...


thanks @phinpand for the beautiful shipment...


Thanks to @phinland for a super-smooth transaction...
-- @aphew_goodman

Cheers Gabor, pleasure doing business! :-)
Meat: 150,000,000,000 feeling loving animals killed in agony & terror every year for profit alone. Greatest cause of Climate Change, antibiotic resistance & pandemic obesity. Stop this holocaust, change our world, go vegan. Peace & music.

Thanks to @phinland for a super-smooth transaction - the Tiptop Audio One arrived fast and in tip-top condition. Excellent communication, too! Thanks a bunch, Phin! :)

  1. The search field occasionally stops accepting input. I can type part of a module name and the field will arbitrarily no longer let me type.
  2. Refreshing the page usually allows me to fix this.
  3. However within the last month, a new behaviour has presented itself. Intermittently, after refreshing the page to resolve the above issue a number of modules (possibly up to half) will be deleted from the rack. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, but anecdotally the 1U row in my Intellijel case is always deleted and the upper row in my Make Noise case seems to be targeted.

Chrome and Safari, anecdotally worse in Safari.

Overall I’m really disappointed with what seems to be a progressive degradation of mobile support (many things just “don’t work well” but are intermittent or simply difficult to use).

When I have free time to use Modulargrid I am largely on a mobile device, similarly when I need to refer to Modulargrid while building a system I am most likely to use my phone, as it is the most practical.

Hi Garfield,

Thanks for taking part to the conversation and your kind words about my badly mixed music :-p

The Waldorf NW-1 looks nice but it's way too wide for my rack. I have decided that if I change the oscillator, I am going to go with Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas. Demos sound rad, it's only 10HP with nice modulation options and most importantly, I think it would be the one I'd have the most fun with. Already have a lot of respect for that manufacturer since I love the MD and every minute with the BIA is a real pleasure. Seeing how much distortion I was using when making music on Elektron machines + computer, I think something small and nasty like the Viol Ruina could also be a good thing for my rack too, I did some experimentation with the Overdrive in my Pico DSP but I wish I could turn the drive knob further :)

I'll have a look at Springray II. To be honest, I'd have to try different options with the sound sources within my rack, given that I clearly don't know enough about reverbs to have an opinion. I think that a reverb upgrade would have to wait for a bigger case, which isn't planned for the near future, and for a day when I would have some idea of what I need.

I don't know anything about the Vermona drum machine I'm afraid but I have owned the A4 mark 1 for a few years, it's a very deep synth that rewards dedicated exploration. I have read criticism about it sounding "thin" but in my experience it comes down to user knowledge about its sweet spots and general substractive synths programming. I recommend trying to get drums sounds out of it too, it can be a great drum machine as well, especially using sound locks. I wish you many hours of fun with it !

I'm still happy about the T-sL, definitely. I find its core sound just powerful and beautiful. It's surprisingly deep for only 6hp, its many outputs offer a wide sound palette from mellow to very harsh. The size could be viewed as a downside though, because if you use a lot of outputs and feed its inputs at the same time, the small knobs can be hard to get to with your hands after everything is patched. If you can live with that, it's wonderful IMHO.

On top of my Mac being broken, I had to send back my Intellijel Mixup modules (dead channel 1, already fixed by the awesome Intellijel support and on its way back to me) so I don't even have a complete setup now. Gives me some time to study modules in more isolation I guess. As soon as I'm back on tracks and have recorded something, I'll let you know ;)


Techno Jam ! BY Erica Synths

Equipment used
Erica Synths :Drum Sequencer, Bass Drum, Hi-Hats D,Pico Drum , Black Hole 2, Dual FX, Mutable Instruments : Stages, Marbles , 2HP : Verb, Qu-Bit : Chances, Scanned, Noise Engineering : Loquelic Iteritas Percido, ACL : Dual State Variable VCF

Random Ambience with Modular Synths

Equipment used:

Mutable Instruments - Marbles Random Sampler
Mutable Instruments – Elements Modal Synthesizer
Make Noise – DPO
Make Noise – Soundhack Erbe-Verb

It MDLR case :)

Brought Erica Wavetable vco from phinland Easy Excellent Seller Thank You

Brought Erica Wavetable vco from phinland Easy Excellent Seller Thank You

@EmissariumSounds is a trusted buyer. Good communication. Recommanded