Power Consumption: 2370 mA +15V | 1787 mA -15V | Depth: 1 mm | Price: $38,813 | Number of Modules: 102 | Data Sheet
Achtung This Rack contains modules with incomplete power consumption specs: Gate Sequencer, Programmer, 4 Pole High Pass 15A, 4 Pole Lowpass 14A, Synthacon Filter, CEM Low Pass 29A, Super Delay 30A, Zeroscillator, Mini Wave 22A, VC Dual ADSR 47A, Dual Sawtooth Animator, Prime Divider, Noise SH Ring 07A, Triple VCO 70A, VCDO 58A, Quadraphonic 33A, Quantizer 55A, Env Follower 45A, Mix Lag 18A