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Buchla SkylabBuchla
Buchla slimmedBuchla
Buchla (copy)Buchla
5U for saleMU
5U rack (copy)MU
5U rack (copy)MU
5U rackMU
Pod 2Eurorack
Eurorack voiceEurorack
Buchla 201e-18Buchla
Buchla 201e-24Buchla
Buchla Sky + SCBuchla
Buchla SkylabBuchla
Home Rack 84 (copied from eyeiaye)Eurorack
Buchla 24 koBuchla
Buchla companionEurorack
Buchla 18 oldBuchla
Buchla cloneBuchla
Buchla LEM3Buchla
Buchla 24U FutureBuchla
Buchla 24U Idea #1 (copy)Buchla
Buchla 24U Idea #1Buchla
Buchla NostromoBuchla
Lockup BuchlaBuchla
Buchla Spacelab (copy)Buchla
Buchla SmartCAB (copy)Buchla
Buchla - PossibleBuchla
Buchla SmartCAB+LEMBuchla
Modcan A (copy)Modcan A
Buchla SpacelabBuchla
Euro sidecar (copy)Eurorack
Euro sidecar 9UEurorack
Euro beauty caseEurorack
Buchla Spacelab As Built (copy)Buchla
Euro LunchboxEurorack
Euro Doepfer vintageEurorack
Buchla Spacelab + EVABuchla
Buchla Spacelab As BuiltBuchla
Buchla Spacelab 18 reduxBuchla
Ciani Buchla (copied from gruvsyco)Buchla
Euro lunchboxEurorack
Modcan AModcan A
Latest (copied from deltaphoenix)Buchla
Planned 5U (copy)MU
Sequencer 6UEurorack
Noise, Effects & Textures 2x84 + 2x32 (copied from vcm)Eurorack

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282e Quad Transevent Generator (5), 268e Graphic Waveform Generator (5), CV Processor (4), GameSystem (4) and Warps (3)
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