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Frac Sounds Not Oil Frac Private
2.5 Panel 150hp Eurorack Private
Thing One Frac View
Thing Two Frac View
Brutron Eurorack View
Erica Pico Utility Rack Eurorack View
Frac Voice 1 Frac View
Quad Neutron 120 HP Eurorack View
Zizou Eurorack View
Mother-32 A Eurorack Private
MiniBrute 2s Eurorack Private
60 HP Possibilities Eurorack View
Frac Voice 3 Frac View
Space Modular Frac View
Moog Mother 32 B Eurorack View
Fracker Frac Private
Pico Utility Rack Eurorack View
Boombox Eurorack View
Space Modular (version) Frac Private
Frac Voice 2 Frac Private
PortaFrac Frac View


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Dark Star Chaos DSC-2000 3 HP Synth Voice View

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This User rated 2 modules.

Dark Star Chaos DSC-2000 (5) and Dark Star Chaos (4)
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