1 HP
Current Draw
10 mA +15V
10 mA -15V
0 mA 5V
$289 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

4x Instrument Interface

4 Independent In/Out + Send/Receive Interfaces

How many times have you wished you could run a modular VCO through your Maestro Phase Shifter – you know, the one JPJ used in Song Remains the Same? Or through that original Uni-Vibe that you paid way too much for on eBay? What if you just want to drive your signal a little with that Distortion+ or TS-808? Unfortunately, there is a fundamental difference in impedance and signal levels for this to work effectively. There are several solutions to this dilemma, but nothing as dense as this:

The 4X instrument interface provides FOUR discreet channels in one 5U modular space. Each channel has an attenuator for bringing a modular signal level to instrument level and then a 100x gain stage for bringing the instrument level back to modular level, and beyond… sweet.

Route your modular through four of your favorite vintage pedals at once… patch into two separate stereo effects processors… heck, run a signal through ALL FOUR of the makeup gain stages at 100x and see what happens…


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