Window Transform Function Oscillator

The WTF Oscillator uses a window transformation concept to generate lively and rough sounds. This very special oscillator brings a new and unique option to Eurorack, for morphing between waveforms. As you slide open the window in the front wave the rear wave can be seen in that window. You can open and close this window with CV control. 32 waveforms and noise are available. You can select the front and rear waveforms with independent control voltages enabling you to create incredibly rich sonic textures. Great for generating drum sounds, basses and atmospheric drones.

WTF stands for Window Transform Function and this oscillator gives the owner a new and unique way to morph between waveforms. It’s designed to fit in your modular synthesiser, either in Euro-rack format or MU format.

The concept is that you have two waveforms, one in front of the other. You are then able to open a window, or gap, in the wave at the front to show a portion of the wave behind. This let’s you create totally unique waveforms previously unobtainable.
You can of course modulate the window width with CV, in addition you can change the front and rear waveforms with a CV.

  • 45 mA +15V
  • 40 mA -15V
  • 100 mA 5V
  • 40 mm deep
  • Ø 4.00 (1 Votes) Average Rating

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$549 Price in €
2 HP Oscillator
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