cool panel! how did you do this? is it an alu panel? 

It's aluminum.  I had it made by front panel express.The circuit is based on the Ken Stone Real Ring Modulator.

looks really nice. would you mind sharing the planel file for front panel express? i'd really appreciate it. this is just the ticket for my final 2hp hole :) oootini at yahoo dot com

no worries if you'd rather not :)

Wow, this is awesome. Is there a post on muffwiggler about this ?

@ootini, here's the front panel designer file: more information about the circuit:

on a side note, i ended up going through a batch of about 20 diodes to find four that matched very well.  This made a huge difference.

great! thanks so much. ring modulation, here I come!

@peff, any chance you'd build this one for other folks? Message me if so!

Just put a synthrotek ring mod kit behind the panel. Easy. Be aware that you should strengthen the panel with perfboarded jacks. Also the mounting holes are off center for regular non sliding bolts - doepfer cases basically.