(Disting on the left set to clockable LFO and the one on the right is on : Precision adder). Elements is really only being used for the low bass tones, and it's brightness opens up a bit around 2:30 into the track. i'm live tweaking text, size and position knobs and the mixer that's mixing the two lfo's going into Scatter (third function of Blend knob and CV). the other mixer is just being used as two separate attenuators, which also get adjusted live.

WTF? This has to be a false entry.

Perhaps not so much lack of ambition as "the first half of the spend". Trying to create a balanced rack in 6U with enough variety and power (and VCA, since you can't ever have enough VCA) is challenging.

I've struggled over the Turing vs Tiptop sequencer question and for the first cut I opted for fun. Still want a Pressuree Point to modulate on the fly. Plenty of random. Plenty of clock. Should be ok.

Added Clouds today. Been in the clouds all night. Wonderful module :)

Another +1 for @grieve , packed as new, with bonus and nice karma. quick transaction.

Have you looked at the Mutable Instruments Yarns? I think it has more features than the Melody Mill and uses much less space.

Everything seems to be correct now - thanks!

I took a Dual ADSR from @lenni ,nice communication and fast dispatching! But i was unlucky with the DHL delivery dude, who didn't do his job and just set status to refused without seeing me. With the strikes in Germany it took a month for the parcel to return to sender. He followed this up to the end and even used a different service for the second shipment.

A Eurocrack Pusher: "The first time is for free" ;)

Everything is fixed now!

Im trying to get into modular synthesis. I was thinking this would be a good starting point for simple sequences, with a view to expand each month or so. I chose the critter and guitari for the sequence and midi capability and the doepfer module for multiple features. Size isn't an issue, I was just trying to cover as many bases as possible at first. With regards to the lfo, I have experienced it and really enjoyed it. I want to start with a decent pre amp with character and have always wondered the sounds of a tube modulated via CV bring.

If im going in completely the wrong direction, tell me but i wish to use it to create synced sequences with other equipment.

We will look into this! Thank you for letting us know!

Wow. Great taste in modules!

Looks like 10 hp to me.

should be 12 hp, right?

I just noticed some the other recent Erica additions also need a small hp adjustment...

If you get the RCD and/or SCM i would highly recommend getting their respective breakout modules. it promotes the jumpers on the back of the module to front panel toggle switches.

i'm not 100% sure what you mean by an "on button" but there are a variety of power solutions available, and whether you need rack space for power is completely dependent on which one you use. i use the 4ms row power which is a 4hp module that uses a laptop power supply. it can also be daisy chained if you have more than one of them.

I can't keep poking this forever. I'm limiting to 104HP to suit a case I have my eye on; I may just get 12U and leave a bank open for "future expansion" rather than try to over optimize this one. I still don't know whether I need an "on button" on this thing, but as I don't see it on other racks, my guess is "no". Still learning about how much clock management i'm going to need (the 4ms products are pressing against my brain). Yes, I'm overly-fond of grayscale panels, and I know that O'Tools are hard to find.

@yo! traded his Intellijel Mutagen for my MFB SEQ3 1 for 1 and the transaction was perfect !

Thanks for the feedback - I have a Synthrotek EKO which is a tad noisy but I kind of like it so this might be ok for me



here's a nice video I found. I want this thing!

There was a thread on MuffWiggler about this issue recently. It's not uncommon-I had the issue when it was in the bottom row of a Doepfer base-case and had to dissemble the module and trim some of the plastic from the button. I bought another Doepfer case and there's more room. You may want to try to contact Qu-Bit, they appear to be helpful.

It won't sound as "hifi" as VSTi's or the Eventide or TC stompboxes or even the $100 Digitech multi-effects. It's a bit noisy.
The advantages are that it has CV control of the parameters. Disadvantage is that only the 2 reverbs utilize the stereo-ins, for most of the other algorithms the inputs are summed to mono. The pitch algorithm only uses the top (left) input. The delay/pitch is a dual-mono effect, where the left input goes to the delay and the right to the pitch-shifter.

I also have the Flame FX-16 which I prefer since it has twice as many algorithms though it is even noisier but it works very well for what I do. It apparently is based off the same chip as the RT60.

Switched out Rosie for a uFold II. I'm diggin the top row for all my lil'modules, till a DPO goes in.. mayb.

The most recent iteration of this rack can be found here.

Thanks again for the solid feedback. Modifications made.

Re: CV sequencer, I added 2 Pressure Points and Brains, which gives me an 8-step sequencer and takes the place of the Lightplane. This gives me the tactile control I wanted while also giving me a unique CV sequencer. Over time I can add up to 2 more Pressure Points and tune them as needed.

Re: Filters, I had a sense that two would be OK (Mutable Instruments Ripples, Pittsburgh Modular Filter II). However, now there are four (MI Ripples, Intellijel VCF, Stead State Fate Pole Zero, and Pittsburgh Modular FLTR, a smaller version of Filter II).

Re: Utilities, I added the Tool-Box and Links back.

Re: Erbe-Verb, dropped it for space based on Clouds capabilities. I hope it's good, as I do love me my reverb.

Re: Turing Machine, yeah, that'll be something I add down the road. Lordy knows there will be other stuff.

Added a CMOS Party to give me some logic bombs. Strikes me as a useful utility. Sacrificed the Gazinta.

Anyone have problems with the Nano Rand being too tight in their case? I have Tiptop Z-Rails and the module's circuit board just barely fits in the space between the rails. This wouldn't typically be a problem but because the button is so close to the edge it binds up against the rail when i screw it down completely.

(it's also possible that my rail spacing is off -- my cases are homemade so i'm not 100% sure)

oh also it looks like you took my advice regarding having too many sequencers and removed a bunch of them -- which is good, but you removed all of the CV sequencers and you're left with all trigger sequencers. you're definitely going to want a CV sequencer of some sort.

nice, this is looking a lot more complete. you may not actually need the erbe-verb since clouds has a built-in reverb (and there's an alternate firmware that adds reverb as a processing mode); i would suggest passing on that at first to see if you really need it. i'm also not totally sure how much use you'll get from the lightplane, especially since you're just starting out, and it also takes up a lot of rack space.

i really like the disting. it does pretty much everything, and that makes it a great leading indicator of what you need to buy next (for example, there was a time where i was just using it for quantization, so i bought a quantizer. right now i'm basically using the delay mode exclusively, so i'm going to buy a dedicated delay module next).

it looks like you still just have the one filter -- you will most likely find this to be extremely limiting.

the only things you took out that i would think about keeping are the utility modules (links, ssf tool-box) and the turing machine, which is just a really cool module.

the tri-ger also looks really cool, that's definitely gonna be a must-buy for me.

For some reason the graphic isn't refreshing, you can link to the main page here.

I've taken a third of the cost out of this setup, and I think it's a bunch more flexible now. I have a feeling O'Tool will be back, so I've kept it in.

I'm strangely committed to a number of these components, but less so on others: I'm just not sure if I need the Gozinta but I wanted to bring in microphones and external line sources. I think the Disting will come in useful, and I wanted to make room for something by Meng Qi, just because.

Swapped out the Ecophon for the Springray, because I looove spring reverb and it's a smaller module. Erbe-Verb can cover the rest.

if you start your journey with braids+clouds as your sound source(s) you will be far from basic :) i just got a clouds and already it's one of my favorite modules.

Can anyone provide feedback on how this sounds and what it's like to use?

Many thanks!

Hi igowen - thanks for this. I will spin up another take on this and repost. My biggest concern is making sure a) I'm covering the basics and b) I have enough creative tools that do interesting things so that the basics don't end up being too...basic.

at first glance: it looks like you have a lot of redundancy where you don't need it. for example, i think you can get most of the functionality of the qu-bit nebulae with the clouds+radio music combo. you also probably don't need that many sequencers to start out.

do you really only have one filter? i would also suggest at least one or two more VCFs, an additional VCA, and an attenuator or attenuverter module (i know everything here sounds really boring, but it's the glue that holds your system together). VCA wise i would suggest getting something with a linear/exp switch, like the synthrotek VCA or the intellijel µVCA II.

you also seem to have a lack of modulation sources, like envelope generators and LFOs - i know that Peaks can do both of these but they're common enough that you probably want at least one dedicated module. consider a make noise maths, which can do A/D envelopes, LFOs, and a host of other neat tricks.

i like the look of that quantizer.

i believe the jones o'tool is not currently being manufactured, so you may have some difficulty acquiring one.

my overall advice would be to start small, figure out where the gaps are in what you want to do, and expand as necessary (e.g., one sound source, one filter, one sequencer, one modulation source, plus utility modules). if you go out and buy all of this at once you're going to find it really limiting because there are definitely going to be gaps (some of which are going to be completely dependent on the style you're trying to achieve).

Hey there.

Thanks for taking a look at my plan for Bob Swami's Ambient Rack. ModularGrid Rack.

As I am still new to eurorack modular synthesis, I'm pretty sure I've missed some essentials. Like an on button, for instance. And I may have duplicated things, like mixers. Who knows what else I've screwed up.

Thanks for your feedback. I'm hoping this setup gives me the tools to bring in interesting sounds, do interesting things to them, and play them over and over until I finally figure out how to relax. Cheers.


bob swami

I just started to record some patches..

here is the first one

First video patch!

If you're looking to sync to your DAW there's 2 ways I like doing that. One is via midi with my Yarns module. It has 4 channels of midi and gate sends and on board arpeggiator and euclidian sequencer. The other way is with the expert sleepers silent way modules. They have a few of them depending on what connections your audio interface has. I have the es3 that has lightpipe connection that lets me send 8 cv signals from my DAW including gates, LFOs, pitch cvs (which have a quicker response time than midi and can be automatically tuned by the software so perfect pitch tracking even on modules where the tracking is off) as well as allowing you to use an automation track from your DAW to control CV levels. So basically automation for your modular! If you have an audio interface thats dc coupled you can send cv signals from your audio interface output jacks using the silent way software without the need for their module. Spektro audio cv toolkit is also similarly useful for sending cv signals and I think was only $25 when I picked it up.

Hey guys! Just got my first module today. The case I use is Cheeks of Power by Synthrotek, it was pretty cheap. It works but I'm worried about it's power supply and my module getting dusty. Idk if it could get messed up that way, anyone have any ideas of what I could cover it with? Besides a shirt?

Yeah, going to need one of these!

To my ears it's sounds "dirtier" than the wasp, however, I've only heard online demos. I'm hoping to check one out in the flesh in Cardiff, Wales this Saturday at Cymru Beats :-)

You cannot submit a module for your private add like this - just search for it - it is already here:

the company EMW has some cheap modules if you wanna check em out.

Haha. Whoops. That though was simply, think about if you need an output module. Sorry for the confusion.

As for an osc capable of LFO speed, there's lots, all hovering in the 200-250 range, however, you can find deals on used ones bringing it closer to that LFOs price. Some great ones would be the Richter Oscillator, Intellijel Dixie, Tiptop z3000, I think the bubble sound vcoB goes into lfo rates, etc. Having a pair or Dixies would be great for FM anyway. They have the cleanest some in euro (while still being an analog osc) IMO.

Anyway, euro can get out of hand. You can also save a decent amount by learning to solder module kits.

I started out with a single row as well, I have no idea how I'm up to 5 rows with another 1 or 2 rows in the very near future. 0_O

Thanks for the advice exper. Although I think you cut a sentance off mid thought after where you talk about Flexibility on the LFO speeds early on. Any suggestions on an OSC that will go into LFO speeds?
Since the uzeus doesn't power Analogue Systems modules, I will just replace that Analogue System module for something else I find.

I will look into the Quadra as you make it sound really great.

I will also replace the VCA for something different per your suggestion. After I make changes I will post an updated rack. Really considering it all, I will need to go above my budget of $2,000.

We use the same parts as you can find in original Polivoks synth so it's sound is the closest to "real thing".

I'd say a dedicated LFO like that would be a waste of your money, as something much better like an osc that goes into LFO speeds with more waveforms would be not much more and provide much more flexibility. Think a
So if you really need an output module. Most audio interfaces and external mixers can handle modular level outputs just fine. That's money that could be spent more wisely in a small system.

Also, the uzeus does not have headers to power Analogue System modules, so you'll need to track down an adapter somehow.

I also wouldn't miss out on getting the Quadra expander either. You'll be able to make ads right envelopes with it, as well as make square wave modulation. You will also be able to create some more complex modulation functions like quadrature chains, cross patching, etc.

And lastly, keep in mind that the moddemix, while interesting, is not always the best VCA in a small system. It's very quirky and distorts/colors any sound going through it. Like, a sine will never come through it as a sine.

Hey all, I'm new to modular synths and am interested in creating a rack for 2,000 or less that would offer me flexibility in sound design with the ability to sync with DAW midi clock, and be controlled by a midi keyboard and even control by guitar. I know it sounds ambitious but this was what i have put together. is there anything i am missing or something else i could use that would be cheaper or better?
ModularGrid Rack

-- exper

great demo!! thanks

Very happy with my Korgasmatron purchase from @0netwo0netwo - he was very fast with both messaging and shipping (internationally!) and the parcel was well-sealed. Wouldn't hesitate to deal again.

Hello all,

I am starting with a very small (54hp) unit based on the lunchbox traveler case, and focusing on ambient sounds (e.g. ability to generate long envelopes, wavetable oscillator, euclidean pattern generation). With the additional row of 1u tiles, I will be able to include 2 VCAs, 2 attenuators, mixer, splitter, MIDI conversion and stereo out. I would like to hear your thoughts on what I came up with:

ModularGrid Rack


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