Goike 6U 104HP Curved Hardwood Boat (Walnut)    http://www.goike.com/node/5

Voltage Tweaker

Goike 6U 104HP Curved Hardwood Boat (Walnut)    http://www.goike.com/node/5

Voltage Tweaker

It looks great. Proper arrangement of the modules (number and distribution) would make an excellent and intuitive system. Most 5U systems are "all-black" and noone seems to care.

Argh my eyes!! I can't focus on a single knob... I'd be lost in a second if I had this system in front of me!

you should go 168 hp rows -- great stuff 

Awesome look!

Thread: boom box

Sweet Patch on my set up #1- Phonogene MPC:

Loop into Phonogene, Phonogene Slice set to 16 (noon- I put tape on mine and marked the different slice points) Rene QCV with voltages stored(I guess recalled from Q page) to equal 16 increasing values from QVC. QVC out to A183-2 in. The 183 is modded to 4x gain rather then 1x attenuation so I offest -2.5v from the rene QCV to get ±2.5 then gain in up to get ±8.5 ish. Output of that goes into Slide in at full CW. Slide offset in the middle goes to Noon. Now touching plates on the Rene gets me MCP type action with 16 autoslives of whatever I've recorded into the Phonogene. 

Bonus feature: Clock the Rene and the PEG so that when you hit a pad on the rene it triggers the PEG, send the PEG envelope to the Play in on the Phonogene and you can dictate how many times your 1/16 chop plays. Mess with the curve for funky rythem action!

Thread: boom box

Hi there! This is my special portable case. It is actually built into a box that has a kinda cool set up. The box is big enough for 6u with a gap at the top which is exactly the right size for a 3U skiff to slide into horizontally (like a drawer) the Skiff is powered by the main box via a din tether I DIY-ed into the side of the box and skiff. Bottom row is the Skiff whicha also works nicely as a stand alone. I moded the A183-2 on the bottom row to let me convert the Rene's +5 into ±10 to control the Phonogene. I believe it to be THE BEST EVER! Other cool things... the little guy next to the E350 is an expader for the e350 with 3 bipolr attenuators but when any of the 3 don't have an in signal they are normaled to +10 and work gread as an expander for the Dixie to it's right!

... and this is a track I made with it

This is Rack No.1 on ModularGrid. Planning this Rack brought me the idea to build this website.

Just built this one myself from a pcb and panel blank.  Love it.  Works great.  Low noise floor.  Sounds great!

Just a sublime module. Perfect for sound shaping or for creating dynamics within anything in your track (by modulating the vca's or processing the odds and evens outputs differently, for instance). I can safely say that mine will never leave the house, just a brilliant piece of kit. 

i didn't have the module yet, so I've never seen the PCB. Turns out it was lost in the mail. Anyway, thanks for contiously pointing it out. I'd delete it but others have added it to their racks, so you'll just have to deal with it. 

Yup, proper title is "lopass". It's even printed in huge letters on the PCB:


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The Thomas White board is called a lopass gate (not Low Pass).

it's spelled wrong (lopass gate). That explains why I couldn't find it in a search

Nice work guys! Looks good.

No problem, but if someone watermarks an image, they do it for a reason.

By coincidence I bought a VCO-2RM lately. I will make a photo and upload a better image.

Sorry! I did take it from BCM — but the one here was all janky.

Also this image is clearly watermarked. Flagged this module as private.

Please update the photo on the existing module entry instead of creating a new one.

Now we have two entries for the white VCO-2RM; one with a nice picture, and another with all the specifications and reviews...

Building one of these from pcb.  Will make my own panel from .com double blank.

Just built this. Couldn't be happier. Sounds just like it's supposed to. :)

looks simple and fun

metal  ... sort of like  synthesizers.com 

Anyone know if EMW's face plates are metal or plastic? They look like metal but I just wanted to be sure.

Still hope they´ll make a kit, would love to build one.  a batch of 10 its not enough! also don´t like the black panel that someone posted on Muff´s.


for some reason the site wont let me make this 104 hp, so I've just left it at the max allowed, 84hp. hopefully a mod will do something about that.

I built this from a pcb board from Mattson Mini.  Works great.  Cool module.  See also, the Quad VCA for separate outs. 

This is the best seq ever, period. I'm so happy with mine. It's so versatile, small and hnng I just wanna hug it

I have one of these on it's way in Banana format, should be awesome :)

at last! its almost here! : )


I don't, I'm just looking at the picture above :)

ha, if you own it then I guess it must be true.


Hey saemola,

Befaco clearly made a mistake when stating this module is 4hp (unless they have made another panel).

My modular eyes tell me it's 6hp ;-)



thanks james  i can run my qunexus and my beatstep off this

What a great sound source the Braids is! A great variety of basic oscillator sounds that could easily spice up any patch or track. META-mode, which allow you to modulate between the different oscillator types, is worth the price for it alone. Easily a 5/5.

Looks cool and I think you have showed me this already.Besides the UI the main problem is in the tracking of versions for multiple graphics.I did some wrong choices with database model design in the beginning and it's complicated to update this without breaking stuff. But it's still on my list.

Here's an example of how to handle alternate face plates:


I did not have figured out a simple and proper way to assign multiple panelgraphics to one module specification. That's the main problem. Now we have to deal with compromises. I understand both of your arguments. We have this problem with multicolored panels too.

Database capacity is no issue, but redundant search results are.Also, we have to keep severel database entries up to date, which never works in the real world.

The statistic features (Top Module/Popular Module) do not work with splitted module info anymore (see Math).So until I am able to implement a solution with the multiassign of panelgraphics I am taking sides to the "let's keep it unique and clean" fraction.I suggest to make use of the private flag function.

Not trying to fan any flames here, and writing from a not very technical position  ... but, would it be possible to add a toggle button to existing modules which would allow the images to be rotated whichever way a particular user may like?

Well spoken wavicle - I think we should have some kind of guideline for this to set a standard for future reference. I'm honestly rather opposed of adding both directions of possibly inverted modules too, like Planar and Choices, also. Like mentioned before, I think usability comes before personal flair. We only need separate entries when there are actual differences in specifications, not visual style.

Ah I see your argument re: database. My comment was not so much about database size (I'm sure solitud can handle the backend side of things perfectly).

The comment was about usability. From the user point of view there should be no more than one entry per module (there are exceptions, when a module needs 5v and has the option of taking the 5v from the power bus or of converting internally, like 4ms 4PLFO, thus adding two entries because the same module can have different power specs). 

From the general user's point of view it's better to have a more streamlined view with the least clutter possible. One puny teleplexer won't make a difference, but it sets a precedent for future entries and Eurorack is growing like crazy.

Best regards,

The Adminius Opposition Society   ;)

MG is supposed to be a modular planner, and when stuff like upside down modules are added, you are basically splitting ratings, specs, descriptions and comments among several modules that are functionally identical.

The point we're trying to make is, that MG is not a painting app. It's not supposed to photorealistically portray your modular system. Buy Photoshop if that's what you want :)

By adding stuff like upside-down modules, you are polluting the DB with entries that add no value, and which typically aren't even updated with specs and a description (just look at this one), making it harder to use MG for actual planning. 

The Wiktorion appreciation society as part of their argument states the fact that "the database keeps growing", implying that these 'flipped' modules will take up precious database server space, but anyone capable of logical thought must agree that making all 'flipped' modules private will only add to the problem (if one actually exists). If two users create a 'flipped' module and both are made private, that makes at least one module in the database which is a duplicate, whereas if one user creates a 'flipped' module and allows all other users to use it, then there's no need for anyone else to do so and duplicates can be avoided.

As I argued previously, there are certain modules that lend themselves to being installed either way up, and others that are actually designed that way; we should not make a generalised decision about this.

What do you think, solitud?


I agree there is a shitload of completely uninteresting additions made to this database, but upside down tactile modules should be an exception IMO (say the Planar for instance - I'm sure something like half of the owners use it upside down)