Hi everyone. For the last few months I've been looking into building my own modular setup and trying to do some research into what best to invest into module-wise for my sonic needs. I've had a mother 32 for about a year and a half now, and am definitely planning on keeping it, but not putting it into my modular enclosure just because the free 1/4" out is nice and it saves me rack space.

On to the rig. My primary thought is to have my modular be a device that processes audio from external sources (morphagene+external input), modulating and effecting it in a multitude of ways with various clocks, envelopes, LFOs, etc. Additionally, I'm adding a few must-have effects (reverb, echo, waveshaping, filters, Rings) to play with the sounds even more. As the system grows I'll add more VCOs, Random generators, logic, and eventually end up with this rig:

ModularGrid Rack

For right now I've planned as my first purchases to be as follows, just to keep it simple (purchased in left to right order):

ModularGrid Rack

So I'm looking for your feedback, what do you think of this initial/final setup? any modules I should consider that I haven't considered? any modules that I've listed in my final build that I should look into adding earlier? any redundancies? I tried to include as many flexible modules as I could (Maths, Peaks, 2 Distings, 2 quad VCAs, 2 mults) just so my bases are covered. The only thing I've neglected to add that feels important is a sequencer, but I figured that since my main interest is more signal processing already created sounds/music, sequencing isn't super necessary, and if truly needed, my M32's built in sequencer would cover my bases. Lastly, any recommendations power-wise? I feel like a Super PWR Blue would cover my needs for the larger rig, but I could be very wrong!

Thanks so much for your time!