2 HP
54 mm deep
Current Draw
130 mA +15V
110 mA -15V
25 mA 5V
$399 Price in €

No info about availability.

Dual VCO

Two full function analog voltage controlled oscillators combined in one 2MU wide panel along with essential support functions provide stable wide range waveforms including sine, triangle, pulse, saw and square waves. In addition, an analog selector followed by a linear control VCA allows selection of one of the oscillator waveforms and scaling of the output amplitude under voltage control.

Each oscillator has a 1 volt per octave control input and an additional frequency control voltage input with attenuator give flexible control over the frequency output in addition to a calibrated range switch for accurate octave scaling.

Both linear and exponential FM modulation inputs are available. The linear input has selectable AC or DC coupling. Both inputs can be scaled with a level control.

The pulse waveform output has a control for pulse width and a voltage control input with attenuator for pulse width modulation.

The oscillator can be synched to an external waveform. A soft/hard coupling switch is provided to control the sync behavior.


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