553 MIDI to Clock

The MIDI TO CLOCK converts a MIDI clock into analog clock and gate-signals,
to synchronize e. g. analog step-sequencers to MIDI-hardware- or software-sequencers.
The M553 derives clock signals from the native MIDI clock resolution of 1/96 notes up to 1/4 notes.
The right clock-output supplies a fixed clock signal of 1/16 notes.
The start/stop jacks supply relevant trigger-signals from MIDI start/stop commands
while the two „note-on...” jacks supply gate signals, derived from MIDI note-on commands.
The MIDI channel is selectable 1-16.

JLR NOTES Dec 4 2018:
I have two of these and was verifying the MG power specs and noticed something odd. The Divide by 1/8 setting draws a lot more power then the rest of the settings for some reason. My original stock one, serial #2208, draws 52 mA at all settings except 1/8 where it draws 86 mA.
The newer one I have which was a custom build with blue LEDs, serial 4160, draws 64 mA at all settings except 1/8 where it draws 97 mA.


  • 97 mA +15V
  • 0 mA -15V
  • 0 mA 5V
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