EFG Deluxe

External input preamp and processor

Warning this module can increase signals to very high levels.

An envelope follower takes an audio input and converts it into a control voltage. This control voltage will rise and fall with the overall volume of the input signal. The louder the input, the bigger the output of envelope follower. The Oakley EFG has a fully variable speed CV output thanks to its internal four stage slew generator. Set to fast the CV output will respond very quickly to incoming audio and is therefore suitable for tracking fast moving cymbal and hi-hat patterns. Set it more slowly and it is more useful in processing overall audio volume. By using the CV output to control VCAs and VCFs it is very easy to create synchronised patterns that keep in perfect time with a drum machine or other musical input.
Another feature of the Oakley EFG, is the provision of a gate extractor. This part analyses the peaks in the music and creates a gate type signal in time with these peaks. This can be used to trigger envelope generators in time with an external drum loop or click track. Two rotary controls, threshold and response, enable you to get clean gate signals from all sorts of input material.
The Oakley EFG now comes with a wide range three stage input pre-amplifier. This allows guitars and other unbalanced external instruments to be processed simply. You can use this output for driving other modules.
This is the Deluxe version of the module utilises a built in Little-Lag module
The EFG,has three LEDs. One showing input overload, one for gate status, and one for a visual indication of the slewed CV output.


  • 50 mA +15V
  • 40 mA -15V
  • 0 mA 5V

This Module is currently available.

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