1 HP
Current Draw
? mA +15V
? mA -15V
? mA 5V
$152 Price in €

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4-Channel Mixer

Our basic MU four channel mixer for use with control voltages and audio. Each channel has an independent level control that goes from fully off to unity gain.

Two outputs are provided. OUT (MAIN) is a low impedance driver that simply presents the sum of the input signals as controlled by the level pots. The other, OUT (SOFT), is also the sum of the inputs but this time the signal is passed through a special 'soft clipping' circuit. This soft clipper is designed to sound like an overdriven valve amplifier and adds a form of harmonic distortion that is musically interesting.

If no jack plug is inserted into the IN 3 socket then by adjusting the LEVEL 3 pot you will add a positive offset voltage to the output. Likewise, if no jack plug is inserted into IN 4 then the LEVEL 4 pot will control the amount of negative offset that is added to the output. Each pot therefore can either act as a constant voltage source which can be added to other CVs for controlling other modules. Furthermore, it can also be used to generate asymmetrical signal clipping in either any following modules or by using the soft output of the Fourmix itself.

The module also features two output level LEDs. These monitor the signal level at the main out socket. The +5V LED lights when the signal exceeds +/-5V and indicates that soft clipping is about to take place from the soft output. The peak LED lights when the output signal is getting near hard clipping, ie. around +/-11V. Special circuitry is employed to ensure the LEDs do not cause power supply clicks when they turn on or off.


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