LFO Mult

The Little LFO Mult is for small systems where modulation and Multiples are needed But space is on short supply.

This is an updated version of the low frequency oscillator on the classic analogue synthesiser, the Korg MS-20. It features two output waveforms, triangle and square. But, the design also incorporates a 'Shape' control that affects the rise and fall times of the triangle waveform, and mark-space ratio of the pulse waveform. Therefore, you can get sawtooth and reverse sawtooth from the triangle output by using the Shape control.

The Little LFO uses an integrated dual SPDT FET switch to enhance the Korg design. It also allows the use of waveform synchronisation. This is where the output waveform is reset back to zero when a SYNC pulse arrives from another module. If this SYNC pulse is the GATE output of a midi-CV convertor, then you can use the Little LFO as a linear repeating envelope generator.

A range switch to allow even lower frequencies to be made.

Operating range from one cycle every 30 seconds to just over 15Hz.

The module has a 2 X 4 multiple.

Price £90 GBP


  • 15 mA +15V
  • 15 mA -15V
  • 0 mA 5V
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