4-Channel MIDI-CV converter

The MOTM-650 is a 2U wide, full-featured 4-channel MIDI-CV converter. Features include:

Voice allocations settable as four 1 voice, two 2 voice, or one 4 voice group - each voice group separately addressable via MIDI
Voice assignment modes on a per voice configuration: Poly 1, Poly 1 steal, Poly 2, Poly 2 steal, Unison, Solo Unison, Solo, Solo Rotate.
Dual arpeggiators, each arpeggiator assignable to any active voice group - one arpeggiator per voice group
Arpeggiator clock sources - MIDI IN Clock, internal clock (60-238BPM weighted), or external
Arpeggiator clock divisors /4, /3, /2, /1.5, 1X, 1.5X, 2X and 4X the clock rate
Arpeggiator note order as up, down, up/down, and down/up
Arpeggiator modes are normal, ordered, ping pong, and random
Portamento - per voice group configurable as constant rate or constant time
Each voice group is independently configurable
Firmware updateable via MIDI (Windows and Mac OS 9 update utilities provided)
All MOTM-650 options settable via MIDI CCs or MIDI System Exclusive commands as well as the front panel user interface
MOTM-650 Settings and state are remembered across power cycles
Patch storage for MOTM-650 settings (up to 32) - recallable via MIDI patch change command
Microtuning per MIDI spec
Pitch bend adjustable from +/- 0 to 24 to be added to note CV on all voices
Each of 4 AUX outputs assignable to pitch bend, channel aftertouch, or any MIDI CC.
Velocity jack on each voice can be configured to be velocity or a trigger - providing a 5ms pulse when the voice is retriggered
LEDs to monitor MIDI IN activity, internal/external/MIDI clock, and voice gate operation
8X2 LCD with variable backlight and 4 buttons for the user interface
External clock in jack
Transmits MIDI clock if set to external or internal clock
The MOTM-650 packs all these features into a 2U wide module, using the latest SMT data converters, low-drift op amps and precision voltage references. Most MIDI-CV converters use 12-bit DACs: the MOTM-650 uses a true 16-bit DAC, and an octal 10-bit DAC for the Velocity/Aux outputs. No other MIDI-CV converter has as many features in a small space.

Power Supply
5VDC @ 300ma maximum
-15VDC @ 20 ma maximum
+15VDC @ 35 ma maximum

2U x 5U
3.485” x 8.735” 88.5mm x 221.9mm


Depth behind panel
4 inches 101.6mm

  • 35 mA +15V
  • 20 mA -15V
  • 575 mA 5V
  • 102 mm deep
  • Ø 4.00 (1 Votes) Average Rating

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