Quad Envelope + VC Mixer (DIY)

4 Mattson envelopes and A Barton VCA/MIX divided into two sections via Ken Stones D.C. Mixer (2).

This is an etched dotcom blank panel by front panel express .

Envelope Section:
1) Attack
2) Decay - Pull knob for sustain-release mode
3) Gate in - Cascade normalized from 1->4, meaning application of a gate at a subsequent channel will interrupt the cascade and generate a new one.
4) Output - Exponential envelope output

Mixer section -
1) Input - Normalled to Output of envelope section, input here breaks normalization
2-3) CV + Mix/ Env CV knob - A push pull switch normalled to the CV input. In closed position, it is outputting 5v to the CV, treating the knob as a manual 2x gain attenuator for the mix section. In pulled position, it routes the envelope output to the CV, the knob acting as an attenuator for the CV. This enables an env - vca voice with minimal patching. Input to the CV section breaks the normalization of the push-pull.
4) Outputs 1-2 / 3-4 - A Ken stone D.C. mixer takes a pair of individual outputs and sums them, allowing two 2-channel mixers before the final mix.
5) All out

This is a very flexible module with the ability to mix envelopes at varying levels (able to generate two variable ADSRs with a single gate), allows for hyper-exponential versions of the envelopes, and allows the patching of a simple voice with quick access to the individual envelope output to send to a filter, phaser etc.

  • ? mA +15V
  • ? mA -15V
  • ? mA 5V

No info about availability.

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