1 HP
Current Draw
30 mA +15V
30 mA -15V
50 mA 5V
$144 Price in €

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Quantizer Aid

The Q172 Quantizer Aid operates in conjunction with the Q171 Quantizer Bank providing a fourth quantizer channel along with many unique features. The Q172 Aid module requires the Q171 module to operate.

Features include rotary switch selection of the note group and the addition of new groups including quarter-tone, and 3 user-programmable groups.

A MIDI output jack produces digital notes matching the quantized output. This effectively turns our analog sequencers (Q119 and Q960) into MIDI sequencers and offers many interesting connectivity possibilities with digital equipment.

A Bypass switch provides real-time selection of a quantized or unquantized output.

A three-position Transpose switch lets the operator add or subtract an octave to the quantized output in real-time. The transpose input jack provides voltage controlled transposition to the Pitch voltage output.

The MIDI input jack provides a simple method of programming the 3 user-programmable note groups. Simply plug in a keyboard controller and press the keys you'd like in your custom group. Groups are saved through power cycles.

The Gate input can be used to control the timing of quantization and allows operation as a digital Sample and Hold. The Gate output provides a pulse at each quantization output change to trigger external events such as envelope generators and sequencers.


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