2 HP
Current Draw
100 mA +15V
100 mA -15V
100 mA 5V
$255 Price in €

This Module is discontinued.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

Q182KP Knob and Pressure Controller

Knob and Pressure Controller

The Knob and Pressure Controller offers a unique way to control synthesizer parameters. The large, cushioned knob acts as a horizontal wheel controller, complete with user-configurable spring-return, optional center detent and end switches. A voltage is created as you turn the knob and another voltage is created as you press on the knob. Perfect for pitch bending and filter control.

The Q182KP is a double-space module so it can be mounted anywhere in a system or in a Box cabinet next to your keyboard and other controllers.

The Knob and Pressure Controller uses our standardized Q182 dual-channel controller interface module providing an Auto Gate, Switch Gate and a voltage output preset switch for each axis.

Voltage Output Presets
The first output of the Q182KP Knob Controller is a voltage that varies as you turn the wheel. The wheel can be set to spring-return to center, left, or right, and also has a center detent option. The second output is a voltage that varies as you press on the knob. The range of each voltage is controlled by the Output Range Preset switches to select 5 volts, 2 volts or 4/12ths volt. Use the 4/12ths volt position for +/-2 semitones of pitch bend. For modulation, use the 5 volt position then attenuate or invert the signal at the destination module.


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