1515 AD / AR (Envelope) Expander

Octal AD / AR Expander for Octal VCA and/or V-Gates

Why not add eight (8) AD / AR Envelope Generators to your system – All in 2 MU ?

It interconnects with our famous 1510 Octal VCA and our incredible 1610 V-Gates (modified). The SSL “V-Bus” ribbon connector standard makes this possible with the simplest connections. The V-Bus ribbon connects to the rear of some SSL modules and allows easy access and CV normalization between V-Bus enabled modules.

The 1515 Expander module connects to the 1510 VCA module and is required in normal use. The 1610 V-Gates module is NOT required but is compatible with the V-Bus standard and a recommended addition to every synthesist’s system.


  • 110 mA +15V
  • 20 mA -15V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 38 mm deep

This Module is currently available.

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