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CyberSynth #001 MU View
CyberSynth #002b MU View


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Submitted Modules

Bolean Logic 1 HP Logic View
Steiner VCF v2 2 HP Filter View
Quad LFO 1 HP LFO View
Dual Gated Slew 1 HP Slew LimiterDual/Stereo View
Mixout-VC Panner 4 HP MixerDual/Stereo View
Sample & Hold 1 HP Sample and HoldNoiseRandom View
ADSR 1 HP Envelope Generator View
Simple VCA 1 HP VCA View
16 Step Rotary Sequencer MFOS 5 HP Sequencer View
ACX Quantizer 1 HP Quantizer View
ACX Master Clock 1 HP Clock Generator View
vcNOIZ 1 HP Noise View
Ian Fritz Threeler Multimode Triple Tapped VCF 2 HP Filter View
NeinOhNein -- SNARE 1 HP Drum View
NeinOhNein -- CLAP 1 HP Drum View
NeinOhNein -- RIM 1 HP Drum View
NeinOhNein -- KICK 2 HP Drum View
Dual Gated Slew 1 HP Slew Limiter View