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Submitted Modules

984 4 Channel Mixer 5 HP EqualizerMixer View
EFG Deluxe 2 HP Envelope FollowerPreAmpSlew LimiterExternal View
VC-LFO 1 HP LFOOscillator View
Sample Slew 1 HP Clock GeneratorSample and HoldSlew LimiterNoise View
OCTO Quadrature LFO 2 HP LFO View
HVM 1 HP EffectFilter View
Midi-DAC 2 HP MIDIMultiple View

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This User rated 14 modules.

VCO (5), VC ADSR (5), Super Sawtor (5), Noise Dual Filter (5), 984 4 Channel Mixer (5), Looping ADSR (5), Overdrive2 (4), Journeyman VCF (4), LFO Mult (4), MultiMix (4), Quad VCA (4), Transistor Super-Ladder (3), SympleSEQ Quad (3) and Time Machine (3)
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