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all-intelligel euro Eurorack View
dense MU 3 rack MU View
MU upgrades 2016 MU View
Make noise sequencing Eurorack View
Techno In A Box v1 Eurorack View
Techno In A Box v2 Eurorack View
techno box - DPO Based Eurorack View
Rackmount Goodness MU View
Mu Portable MU Private
small makenoise voice Eurorack View


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SympleSEQ Quad 4 HP Sequencer View
seqSQUARED 2 HP Sequencer View
NeinOhNein Bass Drum 2 HP Drum View

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Q106 Oscillator (VCO) (5), Q108 Amplifier (VCA) (4), Delta VCF (4) and Q109 Envelop Generator (3)
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