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Big'n Rack Eurorack View
Music Easel Clone Buchla View
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Submitted Modules

Baal 3080 VCF 1 HP Filter View
VG2 4 HP Low Pass GateVCAFilterDual/Stereo View
Sample & Hold / Noise 1 HP NoiseSample and Hold View
VG2 1 HP VCA View
Moog Prodigy Expander Panel 1 HP Expander View
PRM2 6 HP Ring Modulator View
Moog Prodigy Expander I/O 1 HP Expander View
Laurentide SynthWorks - Prodigy 10 HP Synth Voice View
Haible Resonators 2 HP Filter View
Hex Inverter Sympleseq 1 HP Sequencer View
Verbos/Buchla Hybrid Touchplate 4 HP ControllerMultipleSequencerUtility View
Snare 8 6 HP Drum View
Jmej 808 BD 6 HP Drum View