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Little Eurorack Case #1 Eurorack View
Little Eurorack Case #2 Eurorack View
Little Eurorack Case #1 & #2 Eurorack View
Moon Patrol MU Private
Moon Baby MU Private
MU baby MU Private
Moon Patrol (copy) MU Private
S1 Accomplice Eurorack Private
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Submitted Modules

6550-99 2 HP OscillatorTube View
Haxor 1 HP DistortionMixerVCATube View
Vactrol Controlled Amplifryer 1 HP DistortionVCATube View
Destructor Beam 1 HP DistortionFilterTube View
MX-4S (White) 20 HP MixerPanningQuad View
984 Matrix Mixer 6 HP Mixer View
Attenuators 1 HP Attenuator View
599 Octal Jack Interface 1 HP ExternalUtility View
Q110x3 1 HP Noise View
CGS01 2 HP Frequency DividerSequencer View
911 Envelope Generator 1 HP Envelope Generator View
901 Oscillator 3 HP Oscillator View

Rated Modules

This User rated 7 modules.

Vactrol Controlled Amplifryer (5), Destructor Beam (5), Haxor (5), 590G (5), Q124 Multiples (5), Sea Devils Filter (5) and RS-30 (1)
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