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Noise Drone Rack Eurorack Private
Mazzo´s Cheapo Raxck Eurorack Private
Pittsburgh Modular Eurorack Private
Misk Stuff Eurorack Private
Misk Stuff 2 Eurorack Private
Beat/Sound Generation and Shaping Eurorack Private
Abnormal Guitarcase Yusynth MU View
tiny YUSYNTH for Beginners MU View
Mini MU MU View
Shizzle Stereo beard Pedals View


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Submitted Modules

Bad Stone HP Phase Shifter View
Maxon OD808 HP PreAmp View
Sequential Router 2 HP Function GeneratorPanningSequencerSwitchUtility View

Rated Modules

This User rated 2 modules.

Bad Stone (4) and Maxon OD808 (3)
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