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Euro might get Eurorack View
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Submitted Modules

monotron-E 12 HP FilterLFOOscillator View
Patch Chord v3 22 HP DigitalFrequency DividerOscillator View
J247 2 HP Oscillator View
Chords 8 HP Utility View
Planar 180° 14 HP ControllerCV ModulationMixerPanningQuadVCA View
Q110 & Q117 Combo 1 HP NoiseRandomSample and Hold View
GameSystem 10 HP DigitalSequencerUtilityFrequency DividerRandomQuantizer View
Dtronics DigiDrum 6 HP DigitalDrum View
Resynthesis CGS-35 Synthacon VCF 1 HP Filter View
Magic Smoke Mankato VCF 2 HP FilterLFOOscillator View