2 HP
42 mm deep
Current Draw
80 mA +12V
4 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$149 Price in €

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Sine is a harmonically pure VCO with two distinct outputs. The primary output contains a perfect sine wave with a wide frequency range and pristine volt per octave tracking. The Sub output features two sine tones that can be blended together to achieve a mix of one octave below, or a fifth above the primary output's frequency. In addition, both outputs have an internal wavefolder that adds harmonic content to the signal allowing for spectrally complex tones within a single module. Keep your tones pure (or not!) with Sine.

  • Digital Architecture ensures harmonically perfect sine wave
  • Internal Wavefolding
  • Two distinct outputs
  • Sub output can be octave below or fifth above


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