10 HP
Current Draw
100 mA +12V
40 mA -12V
? mA 5V
$405 Price in €

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ADDAC504 Probabilistic Generator

This is a complex gate / cv generator based on probabilities

Modules Knob Functions
Each of the 5 Knobs have 3 different functions, each of these these can be accessed through the Menu/Trigger push-button.

Here’s the functions:
Knob 1:
%1 = Gate 1 Probability
5TG = Fifth Output Type: Trigger/Gate
N1 = Note 1 Tuning

Knob 2:
%2 = Gate 2 Probability
T.SIZE = Trigger Size
N2 = Note 2 Tuning

Knob 3:
%3 = Gate 3 Probability
DIR = LOCK Mode Direction: Backwards/pendulum/forward
N3 = Note 3 Tuning

Knob 4:
%4 = Gate 4 Probability
S.SIZE = LOCK Mode Sequence Size: up to 16 steps
N4 = Note 4 Tuning

Knob 5:
SWING X = Clock Swing X: 1 to 16
Y = Clock Swing Y: 1 to 16
N5 = Note 5 Tuning

Gate Outputs Behaviour
At every clock input, based on the four knobs probability settings, the module will select one active gate out, only one of the five gates will be active at all times. All Gate outputs can also behave as a Trigger instead, Trigger size can also be adjusted.

The knobs set the probabilities of each gate to be chosen, here's an example of how this operates

With all first four knobs at 12 o'clock the first Gate has 50% of being the chosen one, the remaining 50% of the times will be passed through the next knobs. So Gate 2 at 12 o'clock has 50% of the remaining 50% left by setting one, which leaves it with 25% chance of being the chosen one, the remaining 25% will be passed through Knob 3 which will have 12.5% chance of being the chosen one, the remaining 12.5% will be sent to Setting 4 which will have a probability of 6.25%. The remaining percentage left by the 4 Settings will always be the probability of Gate 5, in this case the remaining 6.25%.

Tuning and CV outputs
While in the Tuning page you can use all knobs to set the 5 pitches
When in tuning page knobs should be rotated one at a time!
While rotating the knobs the CV out 4 will be used as a monitor, the other 3 CV outs will be behaving normally.
The module detects which pot is being rotated and outputs the relative pitch CV on CV out 4 for all knobs.
While on this page the tuning will be quantized or not relative to the panel Quantize on/off switch. Even if this process is done in quantized mode the module always store the free value in order to allow quantisation to be turned off later.
Once you're happy with the tuning you can exit the page, new values are stores to memory while exiting the page.

When tuning the module detects both the note selected and the relative octave.

CV Outs behaviour
This will be easier to explain with examples

Let's say we tuned these notes:
C0 or 0v
D1 or 1.166v
F2 or 2.466v
G3 or 3.583v
A4 or 4.75v

  1. Next Logic out calculated is gate 3.
    CV outs 1-2-3 will output a note in octave 2, the note itself is randomised from the 5 tuned notes (C,D,F,G,A).
    CV out 4 will output the exact note tuned with knob 3 (F2)

  2. Next Logic out calculated is gate 5.
    CV outs 1-2-3 will output a note in octave 4, the note itself is randomised from the 5 tuned notes (C,D,F,G,A).
    CV out 4 will output the exact note tuned with knob 5 (A4)

Out 1-2-3 is octave related
Out 4 always output the original tuned note

Knobs Pages access:
MENU/TRIGGER button is used to access pages
After power up it gets to first page by default.

Page 1:
MENU/TRIGGER button is off and blinks with clock inputs

Page 2:
Pressing the MENU/TRIGGER button for 3 seconds the Button Led lights up meaning you're in Page 2, changing knobs will affect the secondary function.
Releasing the button jumps to Page 1

Page 3:
Pressing the MENU/TRIGGER button for 3 seconds the Button Led lights up, keeping it pressed without moving any knob for 3 more seconds makes the Button led go off. At this time you can release the button. After that the button will light up meaning you're in page 3, or the tuning page.
Pressing the button one time jumps to Page 1

Soft-Recall and Memory
Knob positions are stored in memory while in operation to be able to have a soft recall of the settings, so when jumping from page to page you'll need to rotate the knob until you find the last setting and only then they start to operate. Whenever the pot crosses the last setting point the MENU/TRIGGER button will blink indicating that the knob is now active.

Page 2 & 3 have permanent memory so it will always load the last settings after power up.
Page one is volatile and powers up with the initial knobs settings.


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