8 HP
35 mm deep
Current Draw
60 mA +12V
60 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$173 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

VCO with improved pitch and new circuitry

This is our new VCO, we discontinued our ADDAC701 VCO a few years back and since we’ve been wanting to release a more stable version with better pitch tracking increasing pitch reliability further minimizing the detuning issues of analog VCO’s.

For this new revision we chose to use the modern version of the CEM3340 ic from CoolAudio and add the triangle to sine circuitry of our previous VCO. This new version is extremelly stable over 7 octaves.

We also added a new Mix section which allows mixing of all waveforms controlled by 3 knobs SIN/TRI, MIX and SAW/RECT.

Frequency knob with 6 octave range
Fine Tune knob with 12 semitone range
Octave switch with 6 octave range
1v/octave cv input
Linear FM cv input with attenuator
LFO/VCO switch sets overall frequency range
Soft/Off/Hard Sync switch
Pulse Width control with initial knob and cv input with attenuator
Mix output controlled by 3 knobs SIN/TRI, MIX and SAW/RECT.

Tech Specs:
3.5 cm deep
60mA +12V
60mA -12V


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