28 HP
33 mm deep
Current Draw
190 mA +12V
170 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$600 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Video summing amplifier and utility

Video Calculator is a wide bandwidth video mixer that processes signals within the LZX system. Fundamentally it is a matrix mixer with the ability to invert any signal placed at the input interface. It functions as 3 separate 3 channel mixers with offset controls available for each of the 3 groups. It can also be one 6 channel mixer/ one 3 channel mixer OR all inputs can be combined to facilitate one 9 channel mixer.

Each input control knob is at unity gain when the control is at 12 o’clock. When controls are past 12 o’clock, the signal will be amplified. There is also a utility oscillator capable of ranges from 28 seconds to 3.5 kHz.

The module is useful for mixing single channel signals as well as RGB patching, and it functions exceptionally well when used for scanline processing and manipulation. Patched in an XYZ configuration, the module has all the utility functions necessary to process a proper Rutt/Etra style patch.


submitted Nov 12th 2019, 16:43 by dofkev

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