8 HP
Current Draw
? mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V
$178 Price in €

This Module is discontinued.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

dynamically controlled multi-output mixing module controlled by the MS-MATRIX module via MIDI.

The Alyseum MS-VCA4I & MS-VCA4O are two dynamically controlled, multi-input and multi-output mixing modules controlled by the MS-MATRIX module via MIDI.

The MS-VCA4I adds mixer functionality and increases the number of inputs available on the MS-MATRIX, whereas the purpose of the MS-VCA4O is to add mixer functionality and increase the number of available outputs on the MS-MATRIX.
Of course both the MS-VCA4I and MS-VCA4O can act as standalone modules, but why miss out on the power of MIDI connectivity and the unique preset functionality that their combination with an MS-MATRIX provides?

Up to eight MS-VCA4I and MS-VCA4O modules can work together via an IR link connection, creating a powerful behemoth of immense functionality for your Eurorack system.


Quad VCA type V2164 :
Wide signal range: from –10 Volts to +10 Volts
-92dB Isolation between any pair of channels at 1 KHz
Low distortion: 0,02%
Low noise
High bandwidth DC up to 20KHz
Low offset output buffers.
Direct VCA control by potentiometer or with MIDI CC via the MS-MATRIX MIDI input.
32 presets storage in flash memory, selectable :
Manually via the MS-MATRIX front panel.
Using CV via the MS-MATRIX CV input.
Using MIDI Note or Program Change via the MS-MATRIX MIDI Input.
Programmable MIDI channel number identique as the MS-MATRIX.
MIDI CC Selection by DIP Switch.
Optical hi-speed infra-red (IR) data emitter and transmitter to :
Chain more than one MS-4VCAI modules.
Chain more than one MS-4VCAO modules
Zero HF noise
Zero cables
Eurorack 8 HP wide.


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