10 HP
Current Draw
? mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V
$218 Price in €

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SN-101 VCO

This is replica of the voltage controlled oscillator in the Roland SH-101* monophonic synthesizer introduced in 1984.

The AMSynths circuit is close to the original, using the advanced AS3340A oscillator chip, and with the original battery voltage rails converted to+/12V for Eurorack. High quality components have been selected, along with a few careful upgrades:
1% polystyrene integrator capacitor
Precision 5V voltage reference and Op Amps
Fine tuning trimmer on front panel
Minimum pulse width set at 5%
The panel design has been refreshed with LED sliders for Pulse Width and the output levels of the Sawtooth, Pulse and Sub waveforms, which are mixed together into the output. There are rotary pots for FM modulation level, coarse tuning (Pitch) and fine (Tune).

There are minature slide switches for:
Pulse Width Modulation source (manual, external)
Octave Range (8', 16', 32')
Sub Oscillator (square at 1 or 2 octaves down, pulse at 2 octaves down)
We suggest using the VCO with our SN-101 VCF, VCA/ADSR and LFO modules.


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