18 HP
65 mm deep
Current Draw
40 mA +12V
70 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$346 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

EMS Trapezoid Generator

The Trapezoid Generator module is made under license of the EMS and is a remake of the EMS envelope shaper known from VCS3, Synthi A and AKS. It is a very unique modulator which can be used as a trapeze or triangle shape LFO and/or a attack-hold-decay envelope generator. It's a flexible, weird unit from synthesizer history and totally different from an ADSR. For the real EMS feeling combine the 500N Filter with this module.

Thanks to a new front panel and bus concept, this version of the RS-510 is fully compatible to Doepfer-style Eurorack systems.

The Trapezoid Generator has Attack, On, Decay, Off parameters. The "Off" parameter determines the amount of time until the envelope can be re-triggered. A very short "off" time will make the unit loop, changing it into a LFO. There is also voltage control of Decay time, a Gate input and a manual trigger button. The two signal outputs that can be adjusted in level and polarity with one shared knob.

Additionally the module has an internal VCA (which explains the Signal in- and output), which is being controlled by the Trapezoid signal.

Signal, Gate
Signal, Trapezoid Generator A&B


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