6 HP
Current Draw
? mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V
$20 Price in €

Module is available as a DIY project only.

No info about availability.

digital delay/looper designed to be used with gate signals

The Gate Delay/Looper is a module which either delays gate signals or creates loops from them. It is low parts count, the only chips are a quad op-amp and an 8 bit PIC microcontroller. It
has two ranges of delay times, allowing for better fine tuning of short delays. In loop mode it can also do "Gated Looping." In gated looping mode, it doesn't begin to play the loop until a pulse is given to the "reset" input, and will continue to play that loop while this pulse is high.

Maximum Delay time (short range): 220ms
Maximum Delay time (long range): 3.25 Seconds
Maximum Loop Length: 3.18 Seconds
Sampling rate: 1.1khz


1.Gate Input: This is where you plug in the source for the gate or trigger signal that you wish to delay or loop. There is an onboard LED that turns on when this is high.
2.Reset Input: In delay mode, a pulse here will kill all upcoming delays, it clears the buffer. In regular looping mode, this starts the loop over at zero, and in gated looping this tells the chip when to start playing the loop and for how long.
3.CV Input: This is an input for external control voltage used to modulate the delay time/loop length.


1.OUT: Just one output, this is the delayed or looped output. There is an onboard LED that turns on when this is high.


1.Delay Time Knob: This sets the delay time and loop length.
2.CV Knob: This attenuates the CV input that is used to modulate the delay time.
3.Loop/Delay switch: This selects between Loop or Delay mode.
4.Range switch: In Delay mode this selects the range, and in Loop mode this selects between gated
looping and normal.
5.Manual Input Button: This is a push button that simulates an input gate
6.Manual Reset Button: This is a push button that simulates a reset gate



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