eurorack mod

this module has been discontinued

from manufacturer av500 on Muffwiggler:

"- 14hp Bastl KASTLE eurorack panel - 13 jacks connected to pin header patch points

Kastle is a mini modular synthesizer with headphone output, 2 in/out ports for interfacing other gear and it runs on just 3 AA batteries. It is DIY friendly and ideal for beginners in modular synthesis, but it will add quite some unique functionality to any modular synthesizer systems. It delivers the fun of modular synthesis at cost and fits into your pocket so you can play it everywhere!

It has unique digital lo-fi sound and it can be melodic as well as very noisy and drony, soft or harsh. It is designed to be fun on its own but it is most powerful when combined with other modular gear.

Kastle is an open source DIY project which runs on two Attiny 85 chips that can be reprogrammed with an Arduino (google: “programming Attiny 85 with Arduino”). One chip is dedicated to sound generation while the other handles modulation. Several firmwares for the Attiny chips are available.

The Synth version combines complex oscillator and LFO with stepped waveform generator.

The oscillator section has 3 sound parameters pitch, timbre and waveshape – all under voltage control and with 3 different synthesis modes. It has a main output and a square wave output. Both can be used independently or combined. The 3 synthesis modes are phase distortion, phase modulation (also known as FM) and track & hold modulation. Each mode utilizes two oscillators. The Pitch controls the main oscillator, the Timbre sets the pitch of the modulating oscillator and the waveshape depends on the synthesis mode. The waveshape also controls the pulse width of the square wave output from the main oscillator.

The voltage controllable LFO has a triangle and square output and a reset input. The stepped waveform generator is inspired by the Rungler circuit by Rob Hordijk. It can produce 8 different voltages either in random order or in 8 or 16 step looping patterns depending on how the BIT IN is patched.

complex oscillator
3 synthesis modes: phase distortion, phase modulation and track & hold modulation
pitch control with offset and CV input with attenuator
timbre control with offset and CV input with attenuator
waveshape control with offset and CV input
voltage controllable LFO with triangle and square outputs and reset input
stepped voltage generator with random, 8 step and loop 16 step mode
2 I/O CV ports are available and can be routed to any patch point
the main output can drive headphones
3x AA battery operation with power switch
open source
possibility of exchanging different LFO and OSC chips
the pattern on the sides changes and every unit is an original"


  • Module does not draw current

Module is available as a DIY project only.

This Module is discontinued.

$111 Price in €
14 HP Synth Voice
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