23 HP
40 mm deep
Current Draw
108 mA +12V
96 mA -12V
? mA 5V
$285 Price in €

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Asteroid Operator VCF

Multi Band Filter

Introducing the new Blue Lantern Asteroid Operator VCF. so what does this 23 hp filter do to make it unique? its like a chameleon filter, with the use of the three middle switches and Q drive knob the user can dial in a big spectrum of tones and wave shaping sounds.

summary of the module's features:
8 filter output combinations.
standard state variable BP, HP and LP filtering (for "classic" synth sounds).
blue lantern specific ("secret sauce") state variable BP, HP and LP filtering by use of the switches.
the module has a dedicated linear VCA.
it can act as a sine wave generator that can be pushed into trapezoidal shapes to sound 'tube' like.
it also has an on board sub harmonic generator with two sub frequencies you can mix to create fat chord sounds.

the module uses two v2164 IC chips to make its crazy 8 filtered outputs. it uses an internal 5v reference regulation specific for the cutoff, Rez and VCA knob controls. this will stabilize any voltage swings in your case because you either have a cheapo power supply or have way too many modules on the same rails. the front 40 pin solder points do not contain any hazardous voltages- 5v is the highest voltage.

additional features:
2 bi-polar modulation inputs, FM has ac/dc/over switch, mod has flip/flop & ac/dc switch. FM has buffered output.
2 octave sub generator
freely patchable linear VCA based on the v2164 IC
2 direct CV inputs
8 different filter combinations: ranging from BP / HP / LP & phaser, all available simultaneously
4 stage diode limiter switch, with selection of internal capacitor.
2 stage diode limiter switch
a 'pluck' hack switch

the LEDs light up when you use the flip flop feature.

the cutoff range can be adjusted (500k), 1v/oct can be calibrated (1k), resonance range can be adjusted (100k) and LP floss level output can be adjusted.

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