18 HP
Current Draw
81 mA +12V
38 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$185 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Dwarf Star Stereo Delay FX MK2

Stereo delay

Width: 18HP
Current: +81mA, -38mA
Outputs: 1K Ohm, -5v/+5
Time CV: 68K Ohm, -5v/+5
Repeat CV: 100k Ohm, -5v/+5
Inputs: Expect -5v/+5 signals

What does this do?
This product uses two PT2399 Echo FX IC's to generate stereo echo processing. This particular FX chip is known to have a degraded 'flavor' in sound, when the timing is set to longer values. This new version will also allow you to dial in self-oscillating feedback using the top 'Repeat' knob and 'FX' level knob.

There is also a headphone monitor jack with level control knob.

CV parameter:
-individual Timing CV control of both channels
-one input CV and single control for both 'repeating' circuits. This is basically the feedback path.
-Trigger input CV for Bypassing the Wet FX.

New Spread Parameter
This parameter applies voltage to both delay circuits. But one voltage is inverted. This allows you to mess with both timings at the same time. There is also a level knob just for the spread parameter. Spread Knob is set too 12 o’clock for 'off' position or zero volts.

There is a new push button 'FX' parameter. You can use this feature in two modes: Momentary or Toggle.
This parameter mutes the signal going into the PT2399's input. So the delay trails do not get muted. This is good for live use.

Nice Price!
Price: $185


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