6 HP
Current Draw
? mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V
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6 hp joystick

Introducing the new 6hp fm joystick for the eurorack modular synth format.

It has been shrunk to 6hp! Some improvements were made for this new design. For example, a gate output was added corresponding to the joystick push button. This way you can trigger an envelope from it.

The module is thinner and "skiff-compliant". It is less than 2 inches thick behind the panel.
The module itself has an x & y axis, spring loaded joystick. The joystick also pushes in to act as a button.

There are two attenuverters, both with inputs for fm action. When the joystick is in the middle it is 0v on both axis. When nothing is connected to the input on the joystick axis' there is an internal voltage so that you can bend cv (from the output) of one of your other modules. A 100k trimmer is included so that you can adjust the internal voltage.
It is set at 6v when shipped. the push button outputs an internal gate voltage when nothing is connected to the top input. when you plug in something to the input it simply acts as a passive thru switch. You push the joystick to pass the signal.
1 x fm-bipolar input on x axis with its own output
1 x fm-bipolar input on y axis with its own output
1 home arcade soft touch joystick (like xbox)
1 internal gate output, activated by the push button

There are two 10k trimmers to adjust the 0v middle swing position.
There is a 100k trimmer to adjust the international positive voltage. 6v is a good setting.

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