Toad Expansion Module

16 Step Expander

this module is an add on for the tadpole 16 step sequencer. this will allow you to individually mute each step specifically for the gate output jack. the duo link switch requires you to have (2) tadpole 16 step sequencers.

duo link expansion: on the back of the tadpole sequencer there are (4) digital lines + (1) ground pin to equal a 5 pin header. what the expander does is link a, b, c, d digital lines with another tadpole sequencer's digital lines.

using an 10 pin idc cable you connect the first sequencer to the expansion module connector labled ' seq1', and the other tadpole 16 step sequencer to 'seq 2'. on the first sequencer you attach the 18 pin idc cable to the 18 pin header on the expansion module.

if you purchase another expansion module for the second tadpole sequencer the duo link would not be connected to any of the sequencers. i plan to make other blue lantern modules that can take advantage of 'talking to each other' using the duo link connectors.

so what does the duo link switch when activated do?
it allows you to get some really complicated sequences and beautiful melodies. this was some of the basic structure when raymond scott was building his auto composer machine. the gate output even becomes melodic when connected to a pitch based control voltage on a vco.

  • Module does not draw current

This Module is discontinued.

8 HP Expander
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